"Seasons Past But Never Forgotten"

I know that this site is for Bird Lovers but I have experienced that if you plant plenty of flowers in the garden they in turn start off the food chain. Insect and the spiders to catch them. Also caterpillars and butterflies
All natural food for the smaller birds. The smaller birds in turn give a confidence boost to the larger more timid species to visit your garden
( This is my opinion only)

Please enjoy some of my photos from www.growsonyou.com

It seems the older we get its first the “Just a Minute” then the hours followed by days, then weeks, months and years starting at a snail’s pace and finishing like a speeding ‘E’ Type Jag. Pity it did not have a reverse gear. When I was young I remember sitting at my desk in a prefab extension to a old Victorian Style primary school watching the electric wall clock, the red coloured minute hand seemed an age to tick the final 15 minutes of the school day. We grow up some of us wishing our lives away.Cant wait until pay-day, roll on the weekend , soon be Christmas were a few of the many phrases that I heard and later on in life it was I can’t wait for retirement.
Next April I’m 65. It only seems like yesterday that I was a five year old in Singapore, my father screaming for me to BREAK!!!!. .. Dad was teaching my brother and I how to ride a two wheeler.. (I did find the break )

I just wish that we had more photographs like we do now.
Many you have seen before but I will try to include the different flowers that I have managed to grow in our little plot of land….. Please excuse the grammar as this was my worse subject in the many schools that I attended..

Autumn Back Drop To The Back Garden

One Of The First Pictures I Posted On GOU

I have so many more to add
My garden is not only just for me but for the whole family to enjoy. We also share our garden with many visiting birds, and I think it’s the flowers that bring the insects that entice them. My biggest mistake was applying weed killer to the lawn to rid of moss but in turn I’ve killed all of the daises and clover off so no more hover or drone flies.
I also share this blog with www.growsonyou.com


18 Dec, 2011
eje said:

What a colourful blog Tommy to bring back memories of warmer days.Ice on our local pond to-day,yet we are still blessed here in the south with no snowfall as yet.If the days are flying by now for you wait until you get to 74 like me it's unbelievable how short the weeks are now,but at least my dear wife and I never get bored there is so much to do.My dear old Dad said that he never knew how he had time for work before his retirement.Have a peaceful Christmas Tommy, you and your family and a healthy new year.Eric

18 Dec, 2011
aster said:

Fantastic pictures of summer Tommy :) Yes they do help all creatures to survive. I'm sure that you have many more in your garden than when you were working. Your hard work is reaping the benefits for you now :)

18 Dec, 2011
m_squared said:


18 Dec, 2011
jane said:

A beautiful reminder of summer days Tommy.Like you we try to grow plants which attract wildlife such as bees and butterflies. Love all the colour...and even the slug....all have a place in the cycle of Nature....thank you for sharing.Nominated for "Wildlife" in Birdpedia....:o))

20 Dec, 2011

Thank you Jane and to all others for your nice comments and likes

20 Dec, 2011
bonkersbon said:

Super blog Tommy....sure your lawn will soon recover in time.Ours is full of moss and clover,buttercups and daisies..the bees etc just love it !

21 Dec, 2011

That's what I want back bonkerbon. I did manage to purchase a Buddleja globosa shrub and the one that I had before use to be smothered with bumble bees every June. The plant has little orange ball flowers and derives from Chile and Argentina. My last one was blown over by that Hurricane that was not a Hurricane as Bill Giles is not to happy to remember.
Me not thinking found out the hard way three years back. I young grandson was in the garden with the wife and he called me to see a snail that he had found. I not thinking went out on the then daisy covered lawn with no shoes but just socks and Ouch!! Poor little bee must have died but did it make me pay for it and me on Ramipril at the time. Have to be careful as sometimes an insect sting can be dangerous with that pill. I will be buying some wild meadow flower mix seed and will be sewing hopefully for a return of my weeds.

24 Dec, 2011
bonkersbon said:

Its a good idea to get the wild flower seed Tommy.You will soon have your lawn back to the way you want it ! Good luck..this lovely blog was nominated for and included in " Wildlife".....

25 Dec, 2011

Thank you bonkersbon, never ever been nominated for any thing ever before... Hope you had a nice Christmas day..

26 Dec, 2011
bonkersbon said:

Many thanks Tommy...yes very peaceful.Just been out for a nice morning walk to local woods too...blown a few cobwebs away !

27 Dec, 2011

Hope you enjoyed the walk bonkersbon and not to windy for the cobwebs. Apart from birds, do ever come across many insects and other wild life reptiles or amphibians. What trees do you have in your woods. The woods behind me are mainly beech and oak. Do have elderberry and near the motorway fence lots of bramble. The muntjac deer do get killed crossing our local roads , have seen them and badgers laying on the side of the road. Have also seen some bigger deer just laying there a few secs then struggling to get up. I use to be an escort for a taxi firm taking special needs children to and from school so use to tell them to look at that out the other window. I did have the RSPCA number on my mobile but you could guarantee that a freshly killed deer or game bird was more than likely put into the boot of a car for a bit of venison or partridge pie. One day I was lucky enough to look over this small valley and on the opposite field of grass I saw a couple of wild boar with 3 piglets walking along the hedge line. Unfortunately no camera at the time..

Happy 2012

27 Dec, 2011
bonkersbon said:

That must ve been a great thing to see Tommy wild boar and little ones often the way though things appearing unexpectedly without the camera to hand but a lovely experience to treasure.

Our woodland varies from none at all across wind swept moors , to highly managed conifer plantations with the dreaded larch tree to pockets of deciduous woods mainly along rivers which is where we live close to.

Insects and amphibians a plenty would love to see newts in our pond but last year enjoyed watching the dragonfly larva emerge fascinating to watch them transform , although as nymphs they are voracious and surprised we had any tadpoles at all.We also get waterboatmen and pond skaters.

Happy New Year to you and family too .

27 Dec, 2011

Those dragon fly larva quite vicious and don't they live for about 3 years under the water. I was told that they could take a stickle back. Have you done any time lapse on them.When I lived in Somerset use to find lots of water beetles. Saw my first cuckoo then, it was a fledgling in a nest that was in a large hollow in the tree. I was only about nine at the time and remember the children of the house telling me of the young cuckoos habits. I was amazed to hear about the five dead chicks of the host bird lying at the base of the tree. That was way back in the 50s. Back to High Wycombe, use to have great crested and smooth newts in a local stream that ran beside the church that Lord Dashwood lies. When the trout were introduced the newts seemed to disappear . Same grave yard as two of my grandparents and a dear Aunt. That was before I served in the RAF.I have long left the RAF now but where the stream use to rise is a water pumping station and NO Stream. Even had the crest beds , and your water boatmen and whurly gigs we called them. Had them on the Great Ouse too in Huntingdonshire.

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