Tragedy on the Farm!

My daughter broke the news this morning that THE FOX on Monday night killed all their lovely ducks! Jesse and the other children who live at home, Olivia and Harriet were devasted! Jan had gone to bed early and heard the ducks making a noise and almost called down to the children to ask if they had shut them up for the night. However, as she had left them watching a video she did not like to disturb them so took no action. When they finally went down the garden to shut the ducks in the shed with the chickens (who retire earlier) they found two dead ducks and blood and feathers from the missing ones. Shock, horror! Tears and regrets that they had not tucked them up before hand. It was especially sad for Jesse as he had lost his mother duck and the two ducklings that he had helped out of their shells last year. They had got exhausted in the effort to break out. He nursed them in the airing cupboard for a while. One became very close to Jesse, responded to his call and followed him around or waddled towards him as soon as he was in sight. This little duck was called ‘Happy Feet’ and the two of them held conversations, shared food (even at the table), curled up on an armchair together or Happy Feet sat on Jesse’s lap in front of the fire.

The mother was a Call Duck and the father a Mallard and the two ducklings grew much larger than the mother. The poor father was also killed by the fox some time ago.

I have some photos on my old computer but cannot access them from this new one! When I find a way I shall put them on for you to see.

Whoops! I’ve done it!

Son with green head and Mother

Duckling on the pond that Jesse made for them by damming the little beck at the bottom of the garden.

A Khaki Campbell also acquired by Jesse.

Happy Feet and mother grazing outside the coop containing little Bantom with her two chicks.

Mother and son again with Happy Feet on the bank and a chicken trying to get a drink!


13 Aug, 2010
mavisc52 said:

Oh what a shame Simplylyn will your daughter get any more ducks?

13 Aug, 2010
jane said:

How distressing for them all.This must have hit Jesse particularly hard...having helped to rear the ducklings from the day they hatched.Life can be so cruel.How many ducks did they lose in total Lyn ?

13 Aug, 2010
aster said:

That's awful Lyn,so sad when they came to trust and know you all.They were pets really and I'm not surprised it has caused a lot of upset.
A wonderful pond which deserves more ducks,Jesse has worked too hard for it to be empty for long.

14 Aug, 2010
gillblair said:

thats so sad lyn, they really do become like pets and part of the family, i hope they get more ducks...

14 Aug, 2010
simplylyn said:

Many thanks for your kind sympathy which I shall convey to the family. I haven't yet asked about more ducks but I think it very likely as we were discussing electrified fencing on the phone yesterday. I knew a lady who had one round her garden for her dog which was to keep out unwanted suitors, I think. Her dog had a special collar that protected her as I remember. Local farmers have them for their cattle and pigs. However, if the fox can jump over it there is no point in fixing it up. We shall see. Jesse has gone for a holiday with our son and family plus some friends to the Island of Shuna, west of Scotland and a favourite place, so we shall get his thoughts on the matter when he returns. This raid they lost 4 ducks but others have been taken in the past together with the odd fowl and a neighbour's two peahens - each time when they were sitting on eggs. I also think a peacock died or was killed. The present one is a menace as he flies up onto the rooftop and cries loudly waking up all around. They are very messy birds too! I think I have some photos of them.
I shall give any more news regarding this saga as it develops.

14 Aug, 2010
jane said:

Thank you for the update Lyn....I hope the family holiday gives them the chance to recover from the trauma of their loss. Looking forward to more news..

14 Aug, 2010
sixpence said:

Such a sad event.

15 Aug, 2010
david said:

This is all very sad, Lyn, but hope that they will try again with more ducks? Well done, for having photos of them all and posting them here to share. They are lovely. :-)

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