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As you may of gathered I do not venture far from my house. I suffered a stroke a few years back plus a bit of heart trouble . Do not feel to confident at the present so most of my bird photographs are from behind my window. My wife is an angel and keeps the outside clean and I the inside. I am a member of the sister site grows on you.com and I just happened to see the link. I use to stay at home feeling sorry for my self then one day I had just returned from a week long Hospital Vacation. The night before I left the poor lady next bed down in our mixed ward passed away. So sad to hear them working on her the the doctor confirming the time. When I came home I took a long hard look in the mirror and thought that’s not going to be me. One day I had a catalogue put through the door about buying flowers. This got me outside into the garden at consequently I started appreciating the wild life. I am truly amazed by the beautiful pictures on the site and such lovely people, too numerous to mention. Thank you all so much.
Although I love animal I do not appreciate people letting their cats using my garden as a toilet and a free “Meals On the Wing” I had to plant a children friendly hedge but found this to be a good ambush site for cats to hide and then pounce for a ready meal. I had to prune the hedge right back to save the birds.


Hi Bonkers
I not to sure how but I was looking how to post my other photos about other thing not bird like so I will give it a go.

Lady Bird warming up in the summer sun.

Hello Bill, have you seen Ben?

My resident slow worm for over 12 years

Nice Butterfly best watch next door’s cats or Yum! Yum!

Tree Fellow after the Sycamore helicopter seeds

Top Cat to be

Nice bit of nut just inside

We found Ben-all we need is weeeeeeeeeed


Sandwich Time

Best water the garden then


Red Admiral


Well look at me then


It’s rude to stare you know

Itchy Butts

Jasper my other next door neighbours cat that was a indoor toilet cat

Another Cat

Well make yourself comfortably won’t you

Yet another cat

and another

and another

and another

Hear Not-See Not-Speak Not

Why Don’t You Check Out My Front Lawn??

Looking for the toilet then???

A Robin takes flight after hearing the metal birds of the sky.

I’m in the garden when three old timers flew over.
A Spitfire

A Japanese Zero

What next, a Catalina flying boat

My go at a collage of some of my flowers
from tommyshortlegs

A nice slug for the slowworm

( This Lilly stank the house out. I had it as a freebie and now I know why.)

Hello Weed,

Vapourer Moth Caterpillar (orgyia antiqua)

Hornet Hoverfly (volucella zonaria)
Despite the name they do not sting

Hedgehog use to upturn all of my seed trays looking for grub

I use to mix seed with multi purpose and some sharp sand and then use to scatter the seed on my rock-less rockery .
(small bank of nothing outside the front window)
Every year different as I cleared most of the plants and will re-seed next spring. I do put plant plugs in by gently throwing a handful onto the soil and plant where they land.

Another one of my flowers including some planted wall pouches

Cabbage White Caterpillars
I leave for the birds

In Perfect Harmony
Three Squirrels to six Woodpigeons

Excuse the mistakes . Just waiting for a drive caddy as I have some more photos save on the old disc that I had to replace on this laptop.


26 Nov, 2011
mike said:

Super insight TSL - An interestingblog and such an array of wildlife. As for your unwelcome visitors - a high pressure hose or a plastic pelleted be be gun may be in order.

26 Nov, 2011
phili said:

A fine collection and good interest,well done mate.

26 Nov, 2011
m_squared said:

A wonderful blog. My, what a wide array of wildlife (flora and fauna) you have in your garden. I agree about the windows - my photographic interest is what motivates me to keep my conservatory windows clean!
Carry on clicking.

26 Nov, 2011
eje said:

What a tremendous blog Tommy your garden is a mini nature reserve. I hope and pray that your health and strength will improve as the days go by.Eric P.S. our eldest son has a battery operated cat deterent in his garden which works a treat.

26 Nov, 2011
welshie said:

Fantastic blog Tommy! It's the people who make this site so special. We all share a love of nature / wildlife and it's obvious that you do too. I'm sorry to hear of your health problems, but you have a hobby and the enthusiasm that will help you on the road to recovery. Your pictures are great.....Keep em coming. As for the cat problem....a few squirts from a hose will give them the message.
I have to strongly disagree with Mike's suggestion of a bee bee gun...I've seen too many cats lose an eye as a result of those.
Another tip is to splash some vinegar around their favourite haunts.

26 Nov, 2011
bonkersbon said:

Terrific photos Tommy....you have created a haven for your visitors there.Am sure they give you hours of pleasure and interest. The slow worm shots are great...wish we had them here. That squirrel seems a real character too...theur antics always raise a smile dont they !
Am including this wonderful blog in the "Wildlife" section of Birdpedia...

26 Nov, 2011
aster said:

A very interesting blog of your little oasis Tommy :)
What a lot of cats you have to contend with ! Luckily the rest of your tiny critters help to keep your garden well balanced. With your encouragement and feeding they will return your generosity many fold.
It's good that you got yourself outside, and what an eye opener. Wonderful photo's and a flypast too,you are honoured :))

27 Nov, 2011
deida said:

Welcome to I Spy Tommy
Fabulous blog ..thoroughly enjoyed it..thank you for sharing

27 Nov, 2011
david said:

You have so much to look at and watch, Tommy, in your lovely, colourful garden, and overhead, too. Glad that you found this place, and looking forward to more from you.

28 Nov, 2011
jane said:

Fabulous blog Tommy....I thoroughly enjoyed seeing photos of all the wildlife you have visit. My favourite photos are of the squirrels but Im biased...just love them and their acrobatics ! Many thanks for sharing with us here on Ispy...:o))

29 Nov, 2011

Many thanks to you all, completely amazing you all sound such a wonderful bunch of mixed characters and it's with much pleasure I have in reading all of your nice comments as this makes the effort of writing the blog so worthwhile. I do have many more photos so if I ever post duplicates in a future blog or two I apologise
Greatest appreciations

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