Graceful and elegant

Beautiful and poised

Both belonged to the sky



Today was a buzzard and butterfly day, a strange combination I know but that is, what it was.

A day when everywhere you looked they seemed to be there, filling the skies. Country lanes, back gardens, fields and woods almost everywhere. The date, well that doesn’t matter, but I suppose you need to know it was Spring and the weather well that was the important thing. It was a glorious sun filled day and as the day awoke with the sun shining there was no doubt it was going to be a special day. Once the sun had risen and quickly despatched the early morning mist from hollows and hedge bottoms it began to work on the heavy dew that had accuumulated on branches and buds throughout the night. The quickly warming air added vigour to the new life that seemed to spinging up from the dykes and ditches. Arums and primrose, violets and celandine they had already been with us a couple of weeks but todays light showed them in their true colours. The grasses were pushing up growing taller each week threatening to any day soon, to blot out the colourful display. Today for the first time too I began to notice the flowers of blackthorn and goat willow. Loneley clumps of daffodils still offered up their flowers and bright blue speedwell showed for the first time. Yes there were flowers everwhere although today was not about flowers, but without these and their sweet bounty there would not have been the butterflies.

There was no amount of sustenance on offer and once the heat of the day had taken hold the feeding began. Lime green Brimstones seemed to be everywhere. They burst forth from the hedgerows in numbers, but they were not alone there was a variety to match the numbers. Whites,

tortoiseshell, Peacock and Red Admiral lined the field edges.Skipping along in front of me on the footpath settling down among the dandelions until I cast my shadow over them. If I took care I was able tto gaze at their beauty close up. The delicate paper like wings finley paintedwith the most amazing colours. In among the trees Speckled woods could be seen dancing among the sunbeams that broke through the slowly unfurling canopy. The dance was a territorial dispute apparently that male speckled woods ae renowned for ,but I don’t know about you but I ca n’t imagine a butterfly being angry.


At every turn there seemed to be buzzards out over the fields in the tree tops. Soaring and circling screeching as they wheeled higher and higher. Even the flight seemed different more rapid than the usual lazy gait. The eerie cry not quite so forboding when the sun was shining. Their numbers were incredible as though they had thronged together to greet the coming of Spring. Although it wasn’t just the quantity that had me aghast. The woods down by the river seemed to have been chosen as a display arena. Their behavoiur was so unlike any buzzards I had seen before. More sparrowhawk than buzzard Up into the sky they soared and then folding their huge wings they swooped down to the tree tops stopping just short of crashing into them. Then gathering hemselves together they began to haul their huge bodies back up into the blue sky only to repeat the exercise.

Buzzards and butterflies, graceful and elegant, beautiful and poised, both belonged to the skies


31 Jul, 2010
bonkersbon said:

Beautifully written and composed didnt feel need for pics as your vivid portrayal helped conjure images.

31 Jul, 2010
jane said:

Well...what can I say.Held spellbound every step of the way.Your writing more vivid than any photo....just beautiful...and thank you for sharing. Like you had never thought of butterflies as being territorial....have seen them in close pursuit ..ducking and diving...but assumed it was courtship ritual.

7 Aug, 2010
sixpence said:

Beautfully written I felt I was with you.

16 Aug, 2010
david said:

I feel "uplifted" like any buzzard or butterfly on the breeze just reading this!! Yes, no pics required - wonderful! :-))

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