The Sunbirds' nest by the window


I had stumbled upon a sunbirds’ nest with two chicks about a week ago. It was hanging precariously from a Christmas light decoration by my neighbour’s window.

After the first encounter, I was not able to observe the nest again partly because of the heavy rain last week for many days. There were reports of fallen trees on cars and roads due to the rain and the lightning. And flash floods across some parts of Singapore.

Yesterday, I took a walk to where the nest was located just to make sure the chicks are safe. Look at what I saw:

The nest is still intact but the chicks have fledged! How marvelous. The strong wind did nothing to damage the nest at all, which I heard was glued with spider webs other than the usual materials. I reckon it has been abandoned since the job has been done. The adult birds have incubated, hatched the eggs and fed their brood well. The birds had successfully taught their young to fly.

Kudos to the sunbirds for having adapted so well to urban Singapore!


27 Jul, 2010
jane said:

Hear hear Jan..good that it was able to withstand those bad conditions....unlike many of the nests around here during the recent high winds we have had.......

28 Jul, 2010
sixpence said:

The mother must of know to build it strong the black birds nest I had by my back door the wind blew it down.

9 Aug, 2010
linsuffolk said:

Like your blog.....Again, lovely photos. They look like they are pretty birds jan

9 Aug, 2010
justjan said:

Thanks Linsuffolk, you may want to see my photos on variable sunbirds. Common in singapore.

16 Aug, 2010
david said:

Another lovely success story! :-))

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