A quickie correction!

I think I should explain about the absence of birds in my previous blog! It is late at night and I got mixed up with having read past comments about cats wearing collars with or without bells and the memories it triggered off.

Please don’t ban me from ‘I spy a bird’ because I love it very much.

I promise to make up for it in the future!


16 Jul, 2010
bonkersbon said:

Aw no worries Lyn , I d only complain if my bird pics begin to disappear from my home page ..so long as your cats promise to leave them alone lol

17 Jul, 2010
jane said:

Lyn...You would never be banned..we just love the stories you tell us..Its real life....and you tell it as it is ! x

17 Jul, 2010
simplylyn said:

Big sigh of relief!

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