Baby Robins

Well, I am sorry to say that my babies were eaten by a cat :( I was so mad.They were not to far from leaving the nest,too. I was afraid this might happen. People have said,such is life, but I say,KEEP YOUR CATS INDOORS!


14 Jul, 2010
mactumpshie said:

after all the hard work the parents put in and this has to happen.i know who you must feel ,last year our bluetits fledged and the first out landed in next doors garden where apon their cat pounced on it .i had no 1/2 bricks lying about mores the pity.

14 Jul, 2010
sixpence said:

How awful for you and what a shame, I know the feeling, the wind recently blew the black birds nest down from by my back door, as Mactumpshie said all that work of the parents and then all 3 babies died after the cat had one.

14 Jul, 2010
aster said:

Oh no,there are so many losses.Me too 6d, our blackbird chicks were abandoned I don't know if something happened to the mum :(

14 Jul, 2010
jane said:

So sorry you lost those beautiful babies.......
Aster...thats always a worry...bad enough when a baby bird is taken but worse if its a parent...with dependent chicks ...:o(

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