I saw a Jay!

I saw a Jay, yesterday, i did not know what it was until i looked it up. My friend Carole and I went for a walk to our usual patch, a piece of land between the house and the farms where we live. It has recently turned into a small country park and the young trees are putting on good growth and it is well maintained.We were sitting on a bench putting the world to rights when Carole said what’s that, I looked and instantly regretted not bringing my new camera with me, but i tried to capture something on my little Olympus but nothing much. There were five or six in the end and they were calling to each other and looking for food in the clearing. It was wonderful and I will go back and take my new camera with me and wait and wait till I have a good shot. Wish me luck!


10 Jul, 2010
simplylyn said:

How lovely to see a jay. I haven't seen any since we moved up to Cumbria but they used to come into our garden in Hampshire. I collect feathers when I see them lying on the ground and some jay's are in my collection if I remember correctly. Must take a look. Hope you get some more shots with the 'goodie' camera.

10 Jul, 2010
bonkersbon said:

Good luck indeed .. much like Jackdaws not very popular with other birds but at least their habit of burying acorns and then forgetting some of them has benefits.

Those blue side feathers are lovely on them .

10 Jul, 2010
david said:

Good Luck on your next visit, and hope that you see them again. Yesterday, I saw a Kingfisher flying along the course of a stream. it was just a blue flash, would never have got a pic.

10 Jul, 2010
jane said:

Typical isnt it...right place..right time...wrong camera ! The best of luck on your next trip Lemondog.

David...lucky you !

10 Jul, 2010
sixpence said:

It s lovely when you see a bird you have nt seen before, I find your pictures ok hope you have better luck next time.

12 Jul, 2010
wagger said:

A beautiful bird - and considering how wary they are, good shots too!

14 Jul, 2010
lemondog said:

thanks for all your comments folks, I hope to try again soon.

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