Put down the camera and give me a hand.


Put down the camera and give me a hand.


13 Aug, 2011
donna said:

Great photos Delboy what is happening in the last photo?

13 Aug, 2011
delboy said:

They are not my photos Donna, just a light hearted look at life of a bird photographer taken off the internet. However having said that I was myself once attacked by Gulls while working on a roof in Gloucester. They thought that I was getting too close to their nests.

13 Aug, 2011
shakingbongo said:

You can see many birds attacking on a Saturday night down town Delboy LOL
but you would be glad they don't have beaks like PIC 2 & 3

13 Aug, 2011
welshie said:

Brilliant Delboy. I love the Gull screaming into the camera in the first pic! lol

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