WESTPORT - Dull day - little about - or was there?


Just filling in a little time really and meeting up with Alan for an hour. Not much bird life about but a nice walk anyway. Decided to just take a few things as they came up so just with the 18-200mm lens – here is the record

A carpet of Canada Geese snooze in the midday gloom

The white geese line up to come ashore and join the “fun”.

The crow just wonders what the lack of fuss is all about.

Even the timid rabbit cannot be bothered to make his escape.

Off up to the “ACTION” – as a canal boat “screams” past at 4 mph

I know someone has been nibbling, said the butterfly – I will move off in a little while I guess.

WHAT !! Is that the sun says Mr Moorhen

I think my wing is healing in these rays – says the butterfly

Lets gather fluff for a party says the Willow Tit?

And tomorrow I will complete the tour


7 Aug, 2011

wonderful set Mike, love the crow and boat (sounds like the name of a pub)

7 Aug, 2011
robashfield said:

Nice set of pics Mike...Great commentary too....

7 Aug, 2011
donna said:

Great set of photos as always Mike

7 Aug, 2011
david said:

I sense "dejection" here, but, seriously, these are gr8 pics, culminating, rightly, with the Willow Tit. I enjoyed this very much, Mike.

7 Aug, 2011
mike said:

Thanks guys and gals.

8 Aug, 2011
phili said:

Rabbit and butterfly my favourites,times are a bit lean at the moment,sure it will get better Mike.

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