Macro Hit and Miss.


Hello Everyone,

I`m sorry I`ve not been here for a while and commenting on blogs recently – I hope to catch up over the weekend. Mind you I hope to do my Mr. Powell blog too – I`d cross everything there for me.

I was going to do a ramble of a blog but thought I`d “try” to make it short and sweet – well sweet in the least. :0)

I had to start off with the slooooow moving creatures in my garden (and one from a pot plant) as I couldn`t keep up with the fast ones. I tried a couple of shots at some of the quicker moving creatures and hence the miss or should I say out of focus shots.

As to the last shot……. Well, not for the faint hearted – I couldn`t show this my daughter she`d literally have a fit. I must admit I almost did a dew drop when it jumped towards me.

Thank you for looking. :0)


6 Aug, 2011
mike said:

You did well Saucy and the important thing is you are not afraid to try.
Tell the guys on here what you found most difficult and why and they will advise you some other things to try

6 Aug, 2011
aster said:

Very good saucy,I like the water droplet and the frog. You did really well to get him in focus,they don't usually hang about posing for you lol.

6 Aug, 2011
jane said:

Some really beautiful shots here Saucy. Love the frog...and you captured the snail perfectly ! That last shot is brill..the eyes have it ! Lol..

6 Aug, 2011
saucy said:

Hi Mike,
my usual problem is focusing on subject matter. The hover fly and the bee it was really windy so I had to hold the flower, focus and hold my camera one handed and take the shot.
I tend to focus on the surrounds and hope the subject matter is also in focus.
I`m waiting for a disc from Alan but it hasn`t arrived yet - I do so hope that it hasn`t got lost in the post.
I`ll keep at it though - I don`t know when my next posting of macro will be - it took me long enough to get these. :0)

6 Aug, 2011
robashfield said:

Very nice saucy,the droplet is brill,so is your frog! from experience a frog is not easy to catch! Do you have spot focus on your camera?If so,set it to the centre spot and focus on this one onto your subject,this should increase your success rate.Hope this helps.
There are others on this site more qualified than myself,but I do try to advise if I can.
All the best,keep 'em coming!

7 Aug, 2011
david said:

Wonderful shots, Saucy. Really like the frog, and the snail shot is fantastic. Look forward to more and, yes, will keep things crossed for you. :-)

7 Aug, 2011
bonkersbon said:

Some great efforts here Saucy hope you take encouragement from them as we all have photos we wish we d done slighty better with.The raindrop is very effective and been trying to capture a hover fly in flight as have plenty of them when landed.

Not easy but digital very forgiving and sure you ll see your efforts improve further with practise and sound advice offered.

7 Aug, 2011
donna said:

Saucy i love all the photos really love the snail and frog

8 Aug, 2011
janette said:

Lovely set of photos Saucy the frog ....

9 Aug, 2011
saucy said:

It`s a slug and frog. To the left of the pic. is one of those big fat slugs.

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