Joy after sadness


Last week I had to travel to Shrewsbury for the funeral of my Uncle, someone of whom I was very fond.
As I have previously lived in Shropshire, my Wife and I decided to stay for couple of days after the funeral and take in the beautiful countryside.
After the funeral and family reunion, we headed to Ellesmere to spend a couple of hours reflecting whilst watching the swans and ducks. I sat there, camera in hand, shooting frame after frame of Great Crested Grebes, Mute Swans, Black Headed Gulls and numerous other species that frequent this fabulous place. As we were leaving and my camera was packed away, we heard a rustle in a large tree quite near us. Just as I was about to tell my wife it was probably only a Wood Pigeon, a huge Buzzard swooped down and almost took my head off! If it had been any closer it would have literally landed on me.
I spent the rest of the day feeling down on two counts; the loss of Uncle Bill and missing the photo opportunity of a lifetime.
Next day, after visiting a few relatives, we decided to visit the Battle of Shrewsbury Centre and quess what?…they have a brand-new falconry centre!! Numerous owls and hawks and…a Buzzard!!
Having been cheered up somewhat, I was now ready for the 178 mile trek down the M54, M6, A14 & M11 back to Epping.
Today I have spent two hours sitting in my garden. In that time and in no particular order, the following have landed in my garden: Blackbird, Blue Tit, Great Tit, Long-tailed Tit, Robin, Dunnock, Jackdaw, Magpie, Chaffinch, Greenfinch, House Sparrow, Wood Pigeon and a collared Dove.
If ever I needed cheering up, the beauty of nature I have witnessed these past couple of days has done the trick. Life goes on and it’s all around us.


31 Jul, 2011
aster said:

Aw so sorry for your loss Welshie,life is so bitter/sweet at times. Thank you for sharing this difficult time with us and I hope your chill out time helped you to cope :)

31 Jul, 2011
jane said:

Welshie...I too have had much comfort from the wildlife all difficult times...and in good.The beauty around us is a real leveller and puts things in perspective when all seems at odds in the world. So glad to hear you felt comforted at this difficult time..

31 Jul, 2011
robashfield said:

Sorry for your loss,but has the girls said nature is a great leveller...

1 Aug, 2011
mike said:

A family loss cannot be measured. I feel for you.

Your bird experience is a wonderful thing and so full. Perhaps we should organise a trip to your garden next time - it would have been far better than Middleton Lakes and thanks for the heads up on Shrewsbury Raptors.

1 Aug, 2011
shakingbongo said:

Hi Welshie sorry for your loss, as Robashfeild said nature can be a help, i get a feeling of peace while i am out and about. remember be patient and that chance of a buzzard will come along again. take care

2 Aug, 2011
welshie said:

Thanks for your comments everyone.....Much appreciated.

3 Aug, 2011
david said:

Sorry to read of the sad circumstances behind your marvellous sightings, Welshie, but Mother Nature sure put on a great show for you - so nice to read about.

4 Aug, 2011
martin872 said:

keep watching and keep smiling :))))

6 Aug, 2011
saucy said:

Hi welshie,

I am saddened for your loss and have found that solace can take many unexpected appearances.

When I find things too much as of late I take myself out into the garden - usually in the afternoon. Coffee and camera in hand.

I sit there just looking around and drink my coffee. I then practise my breathing exercises listening to the birds, well sparrows in the apple tree and shrubs. I don`t know what it is - the being one with nature if you believe in such - but somehow all begins to feel so much better.

I then see more than I usually do but for some reason the need for taking pictures is the last thing on my mind. The things I have seen are more special and sometimes things are sent that are not for sharing.

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