Middleton Lakes and the National Memorial Arboretum


Alan Phil and I spent a beautiful summers day at these two locations. The first was disappointing but more later, the latter was both lovely and poignant. Overall a great day.
Just a starter (no birds) a poignant bit. More later

At the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordhsire UK are many moving memories. Perhaps the most poignant is to those 300 and some soldiers who were executed by firing squad for desertion. In 2007 these men were pardoned when it was recognised that Shell Shock or other related illness caused their actions. Here are a few images of this place. Each post represents one of these soldiers.


31 Jul, 2011
phili said:

Great shots Mike and the sentiment is spot on,a very enjoyable day out in good company.

31 Jul, 2011
muddywalters said:

That's a good blog Mike - I didn't know about this, thanks for sharing.

31 Jul, 2011

nice photos Mike. a good day out

31 Jul, 2011
donna said:

very sad

31 Jul, 2011
jane said:

Very moving and poignant..

3 Aug, 2011
david said:

To see this place would send "shivers up my spine". Rather too late, I think, but hope that someone, somewhere, gained solace from it.

6 Aug, 2011
saucy said:

Both my grandfathers fought in WWI - one at Ypres and the other at the Somme.

I never knew the one who fought at Ypres but the one who fought at the Somme would break down and cry - sobbing like a baby -whenever he heard a WWI song being played or saw anything on the t.v. to do with it. You have never seen a room empty as fast. Half of us would go make the cups of tea and the others would go to the toilet. My nan would be the one who comforted him.

It was heart breaking - he never talked about it. He had scars (he had the muscle blown away from his lower right arm, his skin touched through the arm bone), shrapnel wounds - some still in his body but the mental pain - God alone knows what he witnessed in those trenches.

It was hardly surprising they didn`t want to be there.

6 Aug, 2011
mike said:

WWI was certainly hideous but I do not think any of those who fight - want to be there - nor should they be.

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