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I am currently working RAW images using Nikons View NX2 as my version of Adobe is Elements 6 which although it might handle RAW from some older cameras does not cover mine (D40 & D5000)
The facilities on View NX2 cover the following:-
Exposure compensation
White balance
Shadow & highlight protection
Colour Boost

When complete I convert to jpeg or tiff and switch to Elements 6 for any other process such as dodging and burning.

I am considering upgrading by buying Elements 9 but I am wondering whether Elements 9 allows all operations including dodging & burning to be carried out on RAW images before converting to jpeg.

I have seen reports on the internet of AE9 repeatedly crashing.
Anyone had any problems?


27 Jul, 2011
johnponting said:

Delboy, I have NX2 installed somewhere but haven't used it for months.

PSE9 will open Nikon RAW and allow processing before saving as jpg or tiff. Probably not D-Lighting as I believe this is a Nikon feature - I use it sometimes but simply process in camera before downloading. Apart from that the rest are standard PSE features, although possibly under different names and different interpretations.

I've been using PSE9 under Win7/64 for over a year and thing it's crashed twice - but may not have been down to PSE9.

Nikon D90 and D3000.

I've been using PSE since v3 and v9 isn't hugely different to v6.

Download the trial and see how you get on. It's full but time limited. If you like it just pay and enter key.

27 Jul, 2011
delboy said:

Thanks John. The thing that would swing it for me is if it has the facility to dodge & burn RAW images otherwise I will stick with v6.

27 Jul, 2011
johnponting said:

Can't help with that one Delboy. I personally never save an edited RAW file; I apply basic changes if essential then save as tif/jpg and use layers; original RAW is filed. I generally also save a raw>tif converted file unedited as well.

Having said all that, I am impressed with some of your results.

27 Jul, 2011
saucy said:

Well all that was Chinese to me. Sorry but I hope you get good results.

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