I have put this up for discussion before


And I really would ask admin. to consider it again.
Remember. --

“Perhaps against the principle of what this site is about but I often cannot get to the site even once a day and miss out on seeing some good pictures. Yes I know I could wade through as “history” is available and often I do that but here is the thought.
Some sites allow each member to only add 2 or 3 pics per day. Due to the traffic on ISpy would that not be a sensible move here also.
Open to debate.”

Okay I do not get to the site as often as some but I have been asked recently about particular pictures that I have just not seen even though I do wade back a couple of pages or so when I go on.
Surely it is time to state “2 shots max per day” for the main site and obviously on ones own blog – as many as that person wishes to put up. That should allow all members to add 50 a day if they so wish but still keep the main drag relatively cosmopolitan.


25 Jul, 2011
aster said:

I do agree there are a lot of photo's sometimes of the same bird or subject. If they were put into a blog it would be easier for members to add a comment for all of them.
The person blogging wouldn't necessarily have to write much,just a brief explanation.
Maybe not so much a rule more of a guidance when joining the site. Have you sent a comment to the guys ? (Contact us) at bottom of page,they are good at getting back to you.

25 Jul, 2011

I agree with you Aster. It's also easier to do a blog than keep uploading and if you have 6 different, uploaded over 3 days (at two a day), we would all get a better chance of seeing them and commenting on them.

25 Jul, 2011
robashfield said:

Very similar to flickr.I think now that the site has grown sooo fast,with many people joining at a fast pace,this would now be a good idea.Miss a couple of days,and you miss"hundreds of great pics.Plus,the person putting up the photos,may miss out on any help asked for,or advice from the "professional element/more experienced photographers" on this site.That may deter people from "uploading" pics.
Food for thought eh guys??

25 Jul, 2011
saucy said:

I must admit I do try to keep my pictures down when writing a blog because I wasn`t sure if there was a limit to the amount that could be added.

As to adding to my other photos. I do try to remember to add them when I get the time. There are some stunning pictures on here and when I get on I spend absolutely the whole evening looking at blogs and photos.

Perhaps there should be a limited number of pictures per person on their saved photos and when they`ve reached that number if they want to load any more they have to delete some.

As to blogs they are personal and usually tell a story with pictures. I love the blogs and photos so from a bias point of view there should be no restrictions on photos for that.

Maybe the blog writing shouldn`t be too long. Those who know me will know how hard that last sentence was for me to write. :0)

25 Jul, 2011
david said:

Re pics; I have had to devise a "strategy" here. I have to click on a letter in the alphabet and choose a particular bird, or "check in" whenever I get a pic of a particular bird, or even see one ( love the Birdpedia, for guidance, here). This works well, for me, as no-one, I think, can ever hope to keep wholly up-to-date with the fab pics being posted here. I hope that I get things in perspective, by never posting more than 4 pics of a particular bird in one day, and, if have more, post as a blog post. Hope, too, that my blogs on birds and other wildlife are not too "wordy", and have an equal balance of text and pics?

Especially, I would remind fellow members that, under G for "Guidelines" in the alphabet on the home page, No. 7 tells you what to do if dissatisfied - I hate to see blogs like this, as they just should not happen!

My "gut" feeling is that limitation of pic posting is in conflict with the aims of this site. We are encouraged to track our own sightings of birds, wherever we may be. I, for one, definitely use my pic gallery as a track record of the birds I have seen. I have never viewed my gallery as belonging to an "Oscar" style portrayal of the best ever bird pics ever, and not even the best I have ever taken, but as my own track record. It is, actually, very personal to me, and use it to, hopefully, imrpove upon - but love the comments, LOL!

Why does everyone concentrate, so much, on the pics, anyway?????? To me, seems to be going down the wrong alley! They are only part of the wealth of info to be gained from other pages on here, if you use the site to full current potential!

26 Jul, 2011
johnponting said:

I can't remember if I commented last time Mike but ...

after a recent week away from a computer I returned to many pages of pictures that I wanted to look through. There were a couple of posts of very similar pictures that, individually, spread over 2 or more pages. Sadly they didn't get the attention that they may have warranted. I may well have missed other posts that were tucked away in between.

I find the natural limit of 3 pictures per post quite sufficient for me and try hard not to start a second post simply for a forth. I can, and do, start another post later the same day if I feel I have a picture worth posting. Recently I've been trying to limit my ISAB posts as I am seeing the same birds most days - I'm NOT limiting my logins and comments.

So ... compulsion = NO, restraint = YES.

I'm really enjoying some of the blogs that have appeared recently, the stories, the technical discussions and the trip reports - long may they thrive.

26 Jul, 2011
johnponting said:

Can I hijack a tad and enter a plea for posters to enter the Common Name on their pictures? This is one of the simple actions that will help the site grow and become even more usefull in bird identification.

Remember that we can go back to our own posts and edit the title, description and common name afterwards if necessary.

26 Jul, 2011
littlewren said:

I have always tried to put on "my best shot" only of a particular bird on the bird photos unless two best shots(not very often) If I have a few pics to post use the blog as that way you can see all the photos posted in one shot and only need one comment....ie....all of Mikes otter shots were beautiful and loved seeing them all but it is so much quicker to see them all on a blog and comment than go through single photos....I do try to comment on everyones photos but when there is several of one bird then have to miss some....my humble opinion....

26 Jul, 2011
phili said:

I have taken your advice Mike and put a few from Westport on a blog,only landscapes I'm afraid,but I need to get in the habit of blogging a bit more.Thanks for giving me a prod.

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