Trying to learn editing software!!


I have been messing about with croping, resizing, sharpening etc. Never changed photos before so any comments etc welcomed!!

Below is the untouched shot

This is it after..



Thanks for looking :0)
Marion (MJ)


24 Jul, 2011
saucy said:

I have two folders on my computer - in one I keep my original bird photos. and the other the cropped/altered pictures. I like to keep the pictures original format then I can copy and paste it as many times as I want to play around with.

I also keep separate folders in my cropped folder of the different species of birds that I have taken so that I can find pictures more easily. You could sub folder your cropped folder to suit your cropped photos if you not only crop them but also play around with colour.

I usually crop my pictures before I post them, there has been once or twice where by I`ve left them original but that`s when the background has really nice foliage.

Your pictures of the peacock look much better for cropping as the background was distracting and as for the b & w duck he/she`s lovely. (I`m biased there because I absolutely love ducks.)

Finally, try not to over crop as this can be just as bad.

These are only my opinions of course and I`m sure that other members will be able to give you much better advice or more professional advice but that`s what I do.

Most of all - play around and have FUN! :0)

24 Jul, 2011
mike said:

Your cropping worked a treat. I crop frequently. Main thing is try to make your file as large as possible so that the crop will maintain detail.
As for the clever stuff - the other guys on here will answer that.

25 Jul, 2011
robashfield said:

Hi Marion, In an ideal world all our photos would never need cropping or any other work,but alas its not to be!
I think we all crop,and sometimes sharpen to get a better picture.
In the end it is what please you,and if your happy,if the outcome of your pics,then nothing else matters.

25 Jul, 2011
shakingbongo said:

Hi Mj what software are you using? People will tell you about the rules of thirds but as with all rules they can be broken to get the desired pic that you want and are happy with.

Robasheild is right in an ideal world you would frame your subject correctly in camera but like many people i crop almost all of my pictures as i usually don't get close enougth ( i keep dreaming of my supertelephoto) but these have issues as well my friend has a 600mm f4 lens for is Sony and sometimes cannot move back far enougth.

I often like square crops like your peacock, depending what software you use, there are loads of good books or if you like try the web for training vids, there are loads on youtube for Photoshop etc if you get stuck PM me and i will try to help with my limited knowledge (i use Photoshop & Lightroom)

25 Jul, 2011
mjones said:

Thank you all for your advice and comments, it very gratefully received. Being new to this it is great to have some feedback on my photos and experiments!

I always wondered if editing was cheating but saw Robbie had asked the question on his blog and saw that most people do it so thought I'd mess around.

Thanks shakingbongo for the youtube tip (I will investigate) and the kind offer of help. I'm currently using Nero PhotoSnap to learn the basics on, but I'm getting photoshop this week.

Your all such lovely, helpful people on here :0)


P.S. Saucy: I love duck too!

26 Jul, 2011
jane said:

Hi Marion....glad you cropped the peacock as I think the family in the background detracted from the photo. (Hope its not YOUR family..if so apologies ! ) Love the last image in black and white...its very effective and I too am

26 Jul, 2011
bonkersbon said:

Like most things visual Marion its all down to personal taste manys the time I ve left the bed unmade or had a pile of bricks in the garden .. but never considered either as art worth a fortune .. so if youre pleased with the effects you ve acheived , then thats really all that matters.

26 Jul, 2011
aster said:

I like the cropped peacocks as your eye is drawn more to the feather colour and detail. The light background is good too.
I crop a lot especially to put on this site,after using a copy. It saves resizing in another programme.
I prefer the duck in colour as I like to see the bright yellow beak :)
As others have said,your preference and it's good to experiment.

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