Roof Top Drinks And Soaring High.


Hi All,

the first of two blogs I shall be posting today. (Hopefully) This one I took yesterday whilst cleaning the bird table and not a bird in sight or so I thought.

On looking at the roof tops across I espied a carrion bird – a crow perhaps? Please correct me if I`m wrong, strutting up and down in front of the chimney pots like a sentry. I watched him awhile and went and got my camera to get some shots. At one point I thought he was going to either dive bomb the traffic on the road or take up position as a gargoyle. Or for those in the know perhaps Eric Draven was close by. It finally became clear what he wanted when he hopped on top of one and proceeded to go down them one by one drinking water from them.

As to my last shot in this sequence – Mike, Alan and Sheila prepare to be amazed. Well, not really but it sounded good didn`t it?

Left, Right, Left, About Turn!

Nectar To The Gods.

More Of The Same.

Guardian Of The Air.

Seagull On The Wing.


20 Jul, 2011
mike said:

Hi Saucy
I think I ID the last one as that very rare "ariel" bird. So glad you are having fun.

20 Jul, 2011
saucy said:

Thank you Mike for pointing out the rare bird I missed. LOL

I do try - in fact my hubby says I`m VERY TRYING.. :0)

20 Jul, 2011
shakingbongo said:

I think its a fiddler

on the roof

21 Jul, 2011
donna said:

Lovely blog Saucy LOL

21 Jul, 2011
david said:

gr8 silhouette shots, Saucy.

22 Jul, 2011
littlewren said:

great blog your flight shot ....

23 Jul, 2011
saucy said:

Thank you littlewren and everyone for their encouragement.

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