would you be interested?

Hi everyone i have never wrote a blog before but would anyone be interested in reading about a little project i have set myself for the forthcoming year? I am about to start writing a book in memorial of my son who tragically died aged 14 (one of the reasons i need help in identifying species). The book will be called life in the cemetry. The reason for this project is twofold, 1, the reason we laid our son to rest in this cemetry is the nature you see and sence of peace you feel when you are there.
2, secondly to give myself a focus when my wife and i visit, my wife finds it peaceful to sit and reflect and i take pictures to keep me partially sain. I will also give a copy of the book to the cemetry, as they always talk to people who are looking for their services about the animals but have got nothing to show them.

Sorry this was not meant to be a sad story but would this site only be interested in seeing bird pictures or would you like to see all the species i capture?


17 Jul, 2011
saucy said:

We live close to a cemetery that is full of life. It is well kept and is loved by all who use it.

It is a place where people walk their dogs and children play. There are facilities to clean up after your dog and also water stops not only for humans but dogs as well complete with dog bowls.

We moved here a couple of years ago and thought it bizarre when we saw people actually having picnics in the cemetery and playing with their children in the open green areas. Now after living here I know why.

It`s a small village cemetery with open green areas in a rural area on the outskirts of a large city. It really is beautiful and actually inspired me to write a childrens book entitled The Vendor In The Cemetery. I`m just in the process of doing a second draft.

I think this is a lovely idea.

17 Jul, 2011
muddywalters said:

I'm sorry for your loss Shakingbongo. I think that's a wonderful idea, I would like to see your photos and I'm sure many others here would too.

18 Jul, 2011
mike said:

So sorry for your loss.
I am sure all would be good --- I certainly would like to see them

18 Jul, 2011
eje said:

As a child we lived close to a very large cemetary here in Portsmouth.As well as in the car free roads and bombed buildings we also used the cemetary for somewhere to play and remember being chased out by the keepers time and time again.It is only in later years that I realised like you of the vast amount of wild life in these places. Now with thoughts of over sixty years ago I sometimes takes a leisurely strole through this peaceful haven enjoying God's wonderful creatures.To your question, I like many others on this very friendly site look forward to viewing your photographs. The prayers of my wife and I are with you both. Eric

18 Jul, 2011
littlewren said:

I too would love to share this journey with you...I know from personal experience how hard the road ahead is and know this wonderful idea with be of great help.....

18 Jul, 2011
robashfield said:

Hi SB..having only recentley lost my brother in law to cancer,We go down to the cemetary often.Never thinking to take a camera,yet seeing many different birds and other wildlife.
It would be a pleasure for myself,& indeed,I think a lot of people on this site to see the photos you have taken.
Where the photos are taken,usually ,only have a signifgance to yourself,please post them on this site for all to see....

18 Jul, 2011
shakingbongo said:

i everyone thanks for showing an interest and your kind words i will start showing you the pics as i start compiling them from the images i have already taken and will take in the future. I will keep all images shown on this blog to ones i have taken in the cemetry grounds. Any other pics i will share in the normal way.

Thanks again Colin

18 Jul, 2011
david said:

Throughout my childhood, my bedroom window overlooked a cemetery, and would spend ages at the window watching the birds, rabiits, etc. Such places are coming more and more to the fore as wildlife havens/conservation areas. There is also a "Wildlife" page here on Ispy in the Birdpedia, as it is so nice to show pics, chat about all the other creatures we see when birdspotting, etc.

19 Jul, 2011
welshie said:

Having lost both my parents within the past two years, I am a regular visitor to the cemetary and find it a place of peace and strange beauty, with an abundance of wildlife. I think your project will be a fitting tribute to your Son and I too would be delighted to see your pictures.

21 Jul, 2011
donna said:

Sorry for your loss I would love to see your photos I think its a lovely idea Looking forward to seeing them

22 Jul, 2011
jane said:

To add to all of the above..firstly so very sorry for your loss.Living as Ray and I do next door to an ancient church and graveyard,we have seen that it is a wildlife haven.From bats in the belfry to sparrows nesting in the old pantiles....and swallows in the entrance.Find it a perfect haven of peace and tranquility.What could be a better place to finally rest ? I hope you find your inner peace..

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