On the Norfolk Broads


Today I have been out on our little boat and I have been trying to take photos of seagulls in flight

I just love these little ducks


17 Jul, 2011
shakingbongo said:

Hi Donna hope you had a good day in your boat, some good pics shared, you certainly like a challenge as it is diffilcult enougth to take pics just standing let alone wobbling about in a boat as well.

18 Jul, 2011
david said:

Agree with this, Donna. Some gr8 pics there.

20 Jul, 2011
saucy said:

Hi Donna,
great pictures and I love shot 3. Is 3 a crop of picture 2? As for the ducks - <3
As for the last shot I want to take her/him home. :0)

22 Jul, 2011
jane said:

Fabulous shots Donna...love the first particularly...very dramatic sky !!

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