An Apple A Day, Todays` Dinner and Mr. Powell.


Hello Everyone,

once again I was going to spend a few minutes writing a blog but spent an hour reading them and looking at your fabulous photos.
As always you always cease to amaze me at the quality and thought that goes into them. Amazing!

Moving along……..

as you can tell from my first shot a bit different. I tried to practise my focusing. I thought I did rather well but I know you will correct me as to where – if I have – gone wrong.

The second was todays` dinner with a home made fatty cake that I made broke up in the middle. I saw on a garden program where by the presenter took a fallen log of manageable size (preferably with bark on) and proceeded to smear a similar cake mix over the log and into the crevices for the birds. He then hung it up for them. My next assignment is to have a go at making one – if I`m successful I`ll post a picture.

Finally, a short word about the work of Mr. William Powell whose bird paintings for Royal Worcester I have fallen in love with. These are so detailed and I have just bought my first one. I know there are many bird painters out there worthy of note so I applaud them all (but Mr. Powell`s my favourite).


Dinner – I don`t know if birds can eat garden peas?

My little lip salve.


17 Jul, 2011
donna said:

Hi Saucy i think the first photo is lovely and clear and yes the birds love to eat peas Well they do in my garden LOL

17 Jul, 2011
mike said:

Hi Saucy
Your apples are perfectly focused you should be pleased. Powell was indeed the main small bird painter for RW but if you see a Baldwyn at a cheap price - get it. The Stintons also did game birds beautifully.
Nice blog.

18 Jul, 2011
david said:

lovely apples pic, the dinner looks so tasty, and I really like Mr Powell's Goldfinch, which means that this goes into Birdpedia under "Birds in Art, History and Legend". Many Thanks, Saucy! :-)

5 Aug, 2011
saucy said:

Hi Mike,
I did see a Baldwyn when I was researching Mr. Powell it was over £9,000.00.
A little out of my price range.
It was beautiful though - me thinks I`ll have to look for a smaller piece.
I`m bidding on a "suspect" William Powell thimble as it isn`t signed. I think that may go to a silly price as well.
Apprentice pieces weren`t signed - they had to do a 7 year apprenticeship before they could sign. This thimble is different because although not signed has a red stamp on it.

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