more on photo editing

This is a very interesting subject, I have put together a real quick web page with some of my (more extreme) edits. Check it out – copy and paste the address below into your browser


13 Jul, 2011
littlewren said:

a brilliant illustration of editing Alan....the green shiny beetle is fantastic and I adore the two last photos that are made to look like paintings.....would be brilliant framed on a clever...
but most photos show that the photos are brilliant to begin

13 Jul, 2011
johnponting said:

Good selection that really show a full range of options.

The first (more serious) examples have really improved the final pictures with some exposure corrections and by cutting out distracting areas.

I thing changing the Hog to a Heron may have taken morphing a tad too far :)

I rather like the PS 'Out of Bounds' shots for a bit of fun.

I've not done much with overlaying textures yet but have printed on to canvas a few months ago.

Thanks for making up the web page.

14 Jul, 2011
mike said:

Just goes to show how much work has to be put in on "Canon" photos. Tut,
Love some of the effects - will be trying out some too. Nice Blog bud.

14 Jul, 2011
johnponting said:


14 Jul, 2011


17 Jul, 2011
muddywalters said:

All great shots there Alan. Nice one.

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