(more) Photo Editing

further to Robbie’s recent blog, I thought I’d post a before & after pair of images. Picture is full frame, no cropping, taken from 10 feet away.

pic1 straight from camera saved in PSe as jpg level 8.

pic2 PSE auto level adjustment and 110% sharpen; no local burning or dodging or other photographic “tricks”.


13 Jul, 2011

Good example john -I am putting up a blog with (extreme) samplles too....

13 Jul, 2011
littlewren said:

great pics John shows just how a little enhancing brings the photograph to life.....

13 Jul, 2011
robbie said:

Superb shot initially, but it's amazing post edit.

14 Jul, 2011
mike said:

I like the use of a little bit of light. Sharpening? They both look the same to me - good.

15 Jul, 2011
donna said:

I think they look the same as well really lovely photos

20 Jul, 2011
saucy said:

Lovely, lovely photo. I`m sorry, I like the first photo., but I think the second brings out the detail better especially around the eyes.

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