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I recently had a conversation with a colleague who denounced using Photoshop or any of it’s ilk as a means of ‘enhancing’ photographs. I argued that it’s simply trying to make your photo as close to life as the original scene was, but she called it cheating! I’ve spent a small hour tonight getting used to editing using GIMP, a free program downloadable online. It’s basically a knock-off photoshop, but considering it’s free it’s ideal! Anyway, here’s the result of a small amount of editing on the Warbler picture I took yesterday:



Edit 1: slight edit

Edit 2:

I literally just tried different things with the colour levels using the curves tool. Simple but effective. What do you all think?


12 Jul, 2011
johnponting said:

Digital camera sensors do not record what the human eye sees and I have no problems with retouching. We did it in the darkroom years ago and no reason why not now. I tend to adjust levels almost by default then correct my exposure errors with a hint of highlight or shadow adjustment. Dull days can require a small adjustment to saturation.

I'm not big on removing distracting objects for posts here but might for an album version.

Personally I can't get on with GIMP even though I've used it on and off for about 3 years. I used PaintShopPro from v2 though to v5 but changed to Photoshop Elements (cheap enough for me and makes the whole exercise much easier) starting with v3 and now on v9.

12 Jul, 2011
robbie said:

My thoughts exactly there John! I'll be doing edits like this from now on. It's all a learning curve for me at the moment so I'm quite happy to find doing such things easy enough.

13 Jul, 2011
littlewren said:

worried at the beginning of my journey here on ISpy Robbie about this side of photography....but as commented on at the time it comes down to personal preference...Photoshop is beyond me but can do what I want with picasso picnik....I can clone objects out now but usually spoils the for most it is the exposure,saturation levels and sometimes the sharpening tool that I use most....changing the photo you say....just enough to enhance rather than alter....I did get a bit of a shock when someone was showing me just how much you can alter an image...i.e. actually putting a reflection where there was none in the first place..but everyones photos are appreciated for what they a bit carried away there...sorry

13 Jul, 2011

I use several programmes to get the effect I want. My main one however is Photoshop. The idea is to get a photo that pleases you, I personally remove unwanted distractions because that's what I like, I too will re-sharpen and adjust the photos to my own preferences. It was done years ago in the dark room like John says, but a lot harder. Some peoples views are very narrow minded on digtital enhancement, but do the same people only use manual settings I wonder? The only person I have to please in ME......

13 Jul, 2011
robashfield said:

Absolutely agree with you all! Photo enhancement would not have been invented if not to produce a better picture.Magazines do it all the time,with airbrushing models and other pictures.So its no different for us.And as Alan says,it is there to please one person only,if others like it,then they will say so ,especially on this site.
I ,like all of you use it,and would not consider putting a photo on without............

13 Jul, 2011
phili said:

My view is simple,try and polish the jewel [photo]the best you can,if it involves editing software,so be it.

13 Jul, 2011
mike said:

I believe the photo should "stand alone". It has to be a "good photo" to start with. However the digital concept is not with camera alone and if you can add a little to that good pic to make it more pleasing - then do so. I love adding a little "light".

13 Jul, 2011
aster said:

I am glad we all seem to be in agreement here.
I use Picasa for adjusting exposure and cropping,just the basics. I usually save the original if it's a decent shot to begin with.
On a bright day it's often difficult to judge exposure until you find some shade to view properly, but that's just my amateur approach lol.
For ID purposes on here a little tweaking can make all the difference.

14 Jul, 2011
eje said:

As there are 52 tweaks in a year,I will continue.

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