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At the weekend, I noticed lots of bits of twig and long grasses on the end of our drive. Then I saw why. How about this for a high-rise nest.

Mrs Dove has been sitting on the nest since I noticed it on Sunday.

The pole is on the end of my drive and is visible from where I sit at my computer so i can keep a close eye on what’s happening.


7 Jul, 2011
eje said:

Tha most comfy hide ever!

7 Jul, 2011
sueb said:

Defiantly! I see I’m not that far from you Just the other side of Southampton Spent a lovely afternoon watching the Gulls on Lepe Beach yesterday.

7 Jul, 2011
jane said:

Fabulous Sue..they are not known for tidy nests so easy to see how you spotted this one !! Great vantage point for viewing them though !!

7 Jul, 2011
littlewren said:

no chance of kids pinching their eggs lol.keep us updated when babies arrive....

7 Jul, 2011
saucy said:

Seeing as it has foundations - can it not be described as a "tree house"? :0)

8 Jul, 2011
sueb said:

Thank you all for the lovely comments. I will keep you all up to date with the comings and goings of Mr. and Mrs. Dove.
Yes Indeed Saucy it is now officially The Dove's at Tree House!

9 Jul, 2011
bonkersbon said:

Great blog Sue...the nest should be safe from any predators high up there and its great that you have such a clear view from your computer ! Wishing them all success !

12 Jul, 2011
david said:

What a great bird's eye view you have of that nest, Sue. that was very considerate of the birds. :-)

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