Good Morning Sunshine.


Hello to everyone out there,

hope you are all well and enjoying the great sunshine that we had been having here and there.

Today when I was making the second brew of the day I looked in the garden and I`m sure it was a juvenile starling – please correct me if I`m wrong – sat on this branch framed by the beautifully coloured foliage. I toddled to get my camera but when I got back he`d gone. :o(

“Bob” I thought to myself. So I started to make the brew. As I looked again – like you do on the off chance – he was there looking around so I got a few shots and here they are.

I usually crop my pictures but I liked the colours of the foliage so I left them full size. I`ll post my cropped pictures later today.

Where`s The Sunshine?

My Eyes! My Eyes!

What`s That Noise?

Was It a Bird? Was It A Plane?

I Really Must Wake Up.

This is todays` dinner. Yum Yum. The strawberries always go first for some reason.

Happy Snapping Everyone. :o)


3 Jul, 2011
littlewren said:

agree about the lovely colours Saucy...great photos..going by the colours of the bird think its an adult as the young are more grey....
and that for a king....

3 Jul, 2011
janette said:

The colours are lovely Saucy .....I agree with Littlewren is an adult .....lovely cake I bet that didnt last too long....

3 Jul, 2011
eje said:

What a kaleidoscope of colour,superb.

4 Jul, 2011

Agrre with all - fabulous

5 Jul, 2011
jane said:

I would take the strawberries first too..and pass on the !

6 Jul, 2011
david said:

Lovely captions to go with the various "poses" in that beautiful foliage. yes, the strawbs for me, too. :-)

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