Baby bird

Hi I have just joined after the site was recomended to me from a gardening website, I was asking what the baby bird was that is living im my garden and someone suggested this site. Ive since discovered that blackbirds leave the nest before they can properly fly but the parent still feeds it. it is a very welcome visitor to my garden :-)


28 Jun, 2010
jane said:

Hi Cathy...Glad you found us and flew over ! A lovely series of photos....we have around six baby blackbirds currently being fed by the parents...skulking in the borders as they do ! It helps keep them safe from we have a sparrowhawk visit regularly..

28 Jun, 2010
sixpence said:

That is lovely you have joined also you taken on the little fellow he's cute.

28 Jun, 2010
david said:

Watching him/her being fed must be very enjoyable. Very welcome, indeed. :-)

30 Jun, 2010
bonkersbon said:

Yes I m often surprised at how early some birds fledge tits seem esp vunerable. Welcome and hope you enjoy the site.

31 Jul, 2010
simplylyn said:

Welcome to I Spy a Bird, you will love it! Look forward to seeing more of your photos - the swans are so beautiful and the baby blackbird is adorable.

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