A walk around Knypersley Pool


It was my wife’s (Barabara) birthday yesterday and she decided we should go for a walk around the pool to get some squirrel pics.
She loves squirrels as long as they do not actually touch her.
So the photos attached of the squirrels are hers and for some she was less than 2 feet away from him.
There is also Canada Geese chicks running away and two panaramas of the place.

Hope you enjoy


15 Jun, 2011
littlewren said:

fantastic.....squirrel pics are brillliant....and I adore the two goslings running away....birthday wishes for yesterday Barbara...look forward to more of your photos.

15 Jun, 2011
eje said:

Fabulous phot's Barbara.How long have you been married Mike, Re (Barabara) or is that her nick name? Please do not hit him!!

15 Jun, 2011
mike said:

eje - I spell brilliantly it is just my typing that is crup

15 Jun, 2011
johnponting said:

Looks like a fun day out and a good addition to a birthday. I celebrated my first day of retirement with the grandchildren, strolling along a canal and wandering around a park farm.

Some very good images - squirrels are very photogenic but I especially like the Uriah Heep pose in #4.

15 Jun, 2011
david said:

Many Congratulations, Barbara, on both your Birthday and these stunning squirrel pics. They are far better than any I have seen - even in mags and leaflets!!

Love the goose stampede, and it looks like a great spot, overall!

16 Jun, 2011

Good job I leant her my Canon so she could get clear photos... ;-)) You should ask her for some tips Mike LOL

17 Jun, 2011
jane said:

Barbara...your squirrel photos are brilliant..especially like the third one..:o)

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