"To a lovely bunch of people "


To all of my very dear friends at Ispyabird.In all of my life,I have never had the priviledge to know such a lovely and such a genuine set of persons such as yourselves.It is such a lovely community,and i am so pleased that i belong to it.Right from the very first day of joining Ispyabird,each and everyone of you made me feel so very welcome.I get so much joy at looking at all of your lovely and very professional taken photographs.And i do humbly apologise for not posting any comments on them at the present time,but at the moment i just get so very tired very quickly.And once again thank you all so very much for all of the lovely get well wishes,which are so very much appreciated.All the very best wishes Terry.PS I am enclosing a few photographs of Birds of Prey,which were taken at Paradise Park,Hayle,Cornwall.



12 Jun, 2011
jane said:

Aww Terry....thank you so very much for this. Think the welcome you received reflects the warmth you extended to other members.Clearly your health comes first and sure we all understand that whilst you will be very much missed,will al be delighted to hear from you whenever you feel up to it. Wishing you well.
Terrific photos...my favourite is the last one !!!
Nominated for Birds of prey in Birdpedia...:o))

12 Jun, 2011
donna said:

Hi Terry welcome to I Spy a bird Great photos

12 Jun, 2011
eje said:

Terry,Wow!! what a staggering collection of superb photo's.Eric

12 Jun, 2011
bonkersbon said:

Can only echo Janes sentiments Terry .. one of the few times we agree so thats a plus : ) take good care of yourself sure Sue has you under orders and look forward to more great photos like this whenever time and health considerations permit.

Best wishes to you both.

12 Jun, 2011
robashfield said:

Hello Terry,
Sorry to hear of your bad health.Will miss your photos they were always terrific. Get well soon,can't wait to see more photos of yours. The second and last are as usual brilliant captures.
All the very best.

12 Jun, 2011
welshie said:

Hi Terry,
I am a relatively new member of ISAB and echo your sentiments....a terrific group of people whom it is an honour to be associated with.
Your photos are stunning and I hope you will share many more with us.
All the Best

13 Jun, 2011
saucy said:

I`m also a relatively newcomer and I also have felt so welcome. I hope you are soon on the road to recovery.
It`s such a joy to know such wonderful people who are so helpful and encouraging.
I love your photos especially the snowy owl.(I`m sure Welshie knows what he/she is) looks like he/she`s lost their specacles somewhere. Should have gone to Specsavers for a spare pair.
P.S. Is the 3rd picture a Harris Hawk?

13 Jun, 2011
kenrick said:

Hi Terry,

sorry I was late picking up this blog, I have been on another "birding" site for the last few weeks. I know you've been very ill, but it is comforting to know that your health is improving. You just take care, my friend and I look forward to seeing more pics from you in the future.
All the best, Terry.

Ken (kenrick)

13 Jun, 2011
johnponting said:

Terry, I can really only second every thing above. When I first joined ISAB I really enjoyed your pictures. I missed them for a while before hearing you were not well. Was really pleased to see your recent posts and now this blog.

Hope you are soon returned to working condition and able to get out and about again. In the meantime I look forward to seeing any pictures you can trawl from your archives.

Best wishes.

13 Jun, 2011
mike said:

It is nice to know that a bunch of "strangers" can add smiles to your days and I am proud to be one of them.
Your pictures are always a pleasure and I look forward to more as your health improves. Thoughts are with you.

15 Jun, 2011
david said:

Sorry, Terry, I didn't even know you had been unweel, but looked back. So nice to see that you are able to post your fantastic pics here, again. Take care, and don't overdo it! :-)

18 Jun, 2011
janette said:

Hi Terry ,
just catching up with things, sorry for the late comment, not been around myself for a while ,due to technical problems ....not with me mind the laptop lol....

I am so happy to see you are now making good progress after you illness ,you take good care ..sending you my best wishes Janette x

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