Thank You


Hello to my fellow members,

I would just like to thank all those who have welcomed me to this site. :0)
I was surprised by the comments on my photos and made me feel 10 feet tall – even though I`m only 5 foot. I would also like to thank you for the super quick answers to my photo questions. x
I hope to post some more of my bestest pictures plus my favourite magpie, the one that got away (if I didn`t delete it), plus one back view of a robin I got yesterday.
I often wondered where robins go in summer but one came into my garden yesterday so just before he flew away I managed to get him.
Thank you Littlewren for the information about the netting, a most obvious point, I think sometimes the most obvious are over looked.
I am going to also put on a picture of my food plate for the birds on with my bird pictures. I`m rather proud of that too. :0) I think I`m a bit OCD here. My sons` best friend said “OMG these birds eat like King`s and Queens!” (He`s 19) It`s actually a very large pizza oven tray covered in foil. It has 2 types of wild bird food, 2 crushed fatty balls, crushed peanuts, 2 types of finch food, finely grated cheese, finely chopped dried fruit, cake (if available) and a good sprinkling of meal worms on top. This goes out every day and sometimes gets a refill in the afternoon.
Before I ramble again I`ll end here as this is my thank you note, well, now it`s an epic – I love writing.
So thank you so much for the warmest welcome ever, I must become a short blog writer.
This is the coolest bird spotters site ever. xxx


9 Jun, 2011
littlewren said:

a great thank you there saucy.....look forward to more of your photos....That certainly sound a brilliant dish of the day.....something for all types of birds....At this time of the year the food bill is pretty high....

9 Jun, 2011
mike said:

Bird food???? I will visit and soon !!!!

9 Jun, 2011
saucy said:

Thank you, I buy my bird food loose from The Range. It`s so much cheaper but the price of meal worms - now they are so expensive. I also buy large tubs of fatty balls when on offer, I got 50 from The Range for £5.99. The peanuts come from there too, I also sometimes get millet.
The rest is usually left overs from us.

9 Jun, 2011

Great blog, they'd be NO left over cake if I was there ;-)

9 Jun, 2011
jane said:

Fantastic diner for the birds there Saucy ! Tonight ours had the usual plus leftover(deliberate) pizza oven chips and scones ! Better fed than tomorrow..extra rations for the birds as usual Are we soft ! Lol....

10 Jun, 2011
aster said:

Welcome from me too Saucy, nice to hear your 'recipe' :)
If our birds are so well fed now we will need tons of food to see them through winter :))

10 Jun, 2011
david said:

Many Thanks for this enthusiastic blog, Saucy - made my day!! Lovely contributions, btw! Your profile story about the fox encounter makes for very cheery reading, too! :-))

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