A Macro Butterfly selection


This was a real opportunity to try things out and one thing I learned. You not only have to get close, high f-number, fast and precise – you also have to choose your shot specifically. Some of these are ok as macro’s but their composition is poor. So I will now remember to get the head at the right angle, shoot to show the detail at its best and keep even stiller than I was.
Hope you enjoy the few


6 Jun, 2011
eje said:

Macro seems to have caught on,super group!

6 Jun, 2011
johnponting said:

Some nice shots there Mike.

Similar experimenting that I was trying. So far I have put off buying a macro lens for my Nikon while I reassess WHY. If Nikon did a mid range zoom with a pseudo macro switch and a f2.8 aperture then I would test it out tomorrow.

6 Jun, 2011
aster said:

Wonderful shot's of a subject we seldom see in such detail anyway Mike :)
Good to keep and look back on to see where you started out.

6 Jun, 2011
littlewren said:

lovely photos.....amazing to see such detail....

6 Jun, 2011
muddywalters said:

Great set of images Mike. Stunning.

6 Jun, 2011
muddywalters said:

Great set of images Mike. Stunning.

7 Jun, 2011
johnponting said:

so good you said it twice mark - obviously the site still has a problem. I've sent a report via the contact link although I suspect everybody is already aware of it. It's only happened to me once so far.

10 Jun, 2011
bonkersbon said:

Wonderful close up work Mike .. seems the harder one looks the more you see .Fascinating.

re - double comments JP received message from Peter to say hopefully things should be sorted now.

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