Some surprising Boats


I said I would do more from my recent trip and I will. This is part of that I guess but is about boats/ships also. The size of some of the flotillas in Venice is amazing especuially when you consider it is “sinking” and the size of its waterways. Here are some ships in its small local harbour – a medium sized ship on its way out to sea and a couple of smiles – Police boats – the chase one and the Panda.
Hope you enjoy

There were 7 or 8 of these big fellows there

Amusing watching these fellows zooming down the Grand Canal lights flashing followed by a “Firemans Boat and and Ambulance boat.”


30 May, 2011
littlewren said:

amazing those huge boats look as though they are "bumping" into the buildings.....afraid I get seasick just looking at them....

31 May, 2011

Great shots Mike. Just shows how big they are too.

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