Dear All

I wasn’t sure whether to ask a question or to write a blog, anyway here goes …..

We hear the cuckoo every year around the 3rd week in April and we continue to hear their calls for a few weeks but this year its been different.

Most days they are still around and as its now mid June its quite nice to still have them. One of them isnt making the usual call so we thought it was maybe a young one that hasn’t quite grasped the call as last year we had one that called: Cuk, Cuk, Cuk, Coo. Bless. Its hard to describe but this year one is making more of a barking sound before it Coo’s.

The other unusual thing this year too is that we actually see them flying over – sometimes 3 together, I’ve never seen one before and sometimes as they fly they give out their call, they are the shape of a large swallow.

I was wondering why they are making the unusual call, could they be breeding again?

Bye for now, Dawn


14 Jun, 2010
jane said:

Hi Dawn....our bird book says it is only the male that gives out the traditional call...when about to breed the female lets out a "shrill trill" ! Could that be it ? We never hear them around here sadly....

15 Jun, 2010
dawn said:

Hi Jane, hope you're OK. Could be that then Jane.

15 Jun, 2010
jane said:

Doing fine thanks Dawn ...sorry not much help ! x

20 Jun, 2010
bonkersbon said:

Hi Dawn Jane may well be right if you search under female cuckoo calls you ll see an entry under Cuculidae - Cuckoos at Wild echoes.

Despite other birds being recorded you can hear the female cuckoo.

Fascinating birds - lucky to see one let alone 3 !

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