What a surprise!!


Well, things seem to be more advanced than I thought. The little wren chicks think they’re ready to leave the nest.


11 Jun, 2010
david said:

Oh My Goodness - you caught the chicks, too! Wonderful! :-))

11 Jun, 2010
elless said:

Thankyou David. I'm quite chuffed with my photos.
The chicks look too young to be leaving the nest and I'm more than a little concerned for their welfare as the local cats are already taking an interest.

11 Jun, 2010
david said:

I used to have families of Blue tits in a home-made nest box for a few years, and these chicks also seem to be too keen to get out there. We also owned a cat. I rigged up a safety net made from pea/bean netting fixed to pruned branches dug into the ground,just below the box, which, I think, saved a few from fatal falls or becoming cat dinners. Perhaps you can do something like this easily and quickly?

11 Jun, 2010
elless said:

The box does have a large camellia right below it and the fallen flower heads are still beneath it. I was hoping the camellia would break their fall and the flower heads would make for a soft landing. What do you think?

12 Jun, 2010

Not if they fell straight through the Camelia, Elless...but,
then again it could act as a safety net, if they were to use
their little wings in time...what lovely pics, and look, how
you look after the Bird`s welfare...did you make these
nest boxes, or did you buy them Elless?...i do congratulate
you on what you are achieving ....: ~ )))

12 Jun, 2010
elless said:

Thankyou Freesia. My husband made the box many years ago and it's had birds nesting in it every year since. Usually it's bluetits but we have had coaltits a couple of times. It's such a shame the wrens didn't choose the box that has the camera in it. That would have been wonderful.
I got up very early this morning but the fledglings had already gone. They didn't look mature enough to me, but I'm no expert. I just hope they had a safe exit and are enjoying life in the big wide world.

12 Jun, 2010
david said:

Despite making a net, I never saw any land in it. like your wren chicks, always just saw their head appear once, then never saw them again. the nest in the box was empty. I think that they just "go for it", and we just have to hope that they fly off safely.

13 Jun, 2010
bonkersbon said:

Agree with David.Wonderful photos Elless......

17 Jun, 2010
wagger said:

Beautiful pictures - they do look so young with those huge gapes.

23 Jun, 2010
jane said:

This blog added to Birdpedia under British garden birds Elless....

25 Jun, 2010
elless said:

Thankyou jane.

14 Dec, 2011

Lovely pictures, I do have some blue tits that I think might have moved in for the winter. I have not managed to photo graph as of yet but see them leave the box, have some breakfast then fly back to the box.

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