My Day Out

Not my best day !!!! Very few ‘keepers’. As planned I went off to Upton Warren, I got there very early this is what met me, a beautiful misty morning

Not too sure on where I was going, I walked around and found some hides, I got some photos of a Lapwing, too far off and definitely not keepers. On the trail back I got these

So that was it. I started the journey back, calling in at Sandwell Park. Not many birdie photo’s worth keeping. I did get this but have not ID it yet….

I also got some other shots

Next on my journey back was Doxey Marshes at Stafford. The sun was still shining although it was occasionally behind clouds. From the hide I got this

On the way around I came across a young Moorhen chick, obviously lost, I picked it up and moved it to where I saw it’s mother about 25 metres away. As a thankyou he left a little (unwanted) parcel in my hand……

Turned my attention to smaller things on the way back to the car

So there it is, not one of my best (photography) days out, but I enjoyed the walking and seeing the other wildlife that I couldn’t get photo’s of. (Still better than watching the football with Mike !)


15 May, 2011
eje said:

Fantastic collection Alan,I do like the misty morning shot,No 5 is a Sedge warbler.

15 May, 2011
robashfield said:

Nice blog alan,was about to say it is a sedge,but eric beat me to it!! Love the last picture!!

15 May, 2011
littlewren said:

agree with Eric about the misty morning it.....and the Oystercatcher with the mussel is brilliant.... A really lovely diverse set of photos....

15 May, 2011
johnponting said:

#2 and #8 although I quite like the Mermaid as well.

18 May, 2011
jane said:

Lovely photos..I like the dragonfly best of all.....oh and the good deed of course !

25 May, 2011
mike said:

That is a great grouping Alan and "almost" makes me wish I had come with you. However now I am back perhaps we can sort something out.

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