Where's Gold Bug ?

It’s not until I tried it myself this afternoon that I realised how good Eric’s recent insect pics really were.

I’ve rented a macro lens for 7 days and it arrived 45 minutes ago. Never used such a lens before, not even in film days, but I’m from the “I can do it” era so no probs.

It seems I need more practice!!

1) is Richard Scarey style ‘can you see Gold Bug?’

2) there he is!

3) different angle

4) starting to get the hang of it

Long way to go yet but only 7 days to get there. Tomorrow the tripod may have to make an appearance. After that I’ll have to pm LW for advice :)

Day 2

5) still no tripod yet

6) not a bad prime 105 either

7) Chive


12 May, 2011
robashfield said:

Nice john,gotta buy a macro lens!!

13 May, 2011
eje said:

Hi John,re macro lens,most of the hover fly pics were taken mostly using my18-55mm lens and some with my 75-300mm, and simply set on Macro mode.

13 May, 2011
johnponting said:

Yes Eric I checked the exif data on most of your pics; that's why I found them so impressive.

None of my lenses have a macro setting, they are either prime or tele. I did try a Tamron 18-270 with macro but traded it in after 3 months.

My butterfly shots last week were taken with a fixed 35/1.8 but it only manages 1:6. The Nikon macro I'm trying is a genuine 1:1 stretching to 1:1.5 from 3 feet away.

13 May, 2011
mike said:

My macro is a SIGMA 105mm true macro and is a cracking lens. It is also pretty new, I have used it little as yet and it will take a lot of getting used to.
I have tried some hand held at 1/1000 and faster f11. Basically not good - the better ones are faster still and f16 plus. It really is a tripod lens IF you want the true close ups but f16 plus is imperative as your DoF is measured in mm.
Great fun but a totally different environment

13 May, 2011
johnponting said:

>mike, I may have mentioned it in a pm to alan --- the Sigma 105 is on my list and is in stock 7 miles away. Only problem is that it has no AF motor so will be MF only on my D3000 which is also motorless. No problems at all with my D90 of course.

Not real problem for macro either as MF often recommended for critical stuff. I don't think I'm fast enough with the focus ring to keep up with bees a'buzzin' though. Would be nice (to keep weight down) if macro lens could double as a 105/2.8 prime from time to time but AF would be preferred.

The Nikon is AF on both bodies. The Sigma 150 is also AF of course so I need to look at that as well.

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