Camera & Lens repairs

Accidents can and do happen. Faults can appear.

I recently dropped one of my Nikon camera bodies on to a concrete path. The base plate cracked leaving a gap to the inside.

Local shop quoted minimum of £80 per hour plus parts. NO.
Lehmann quoted £48 all in (subject to inspection). YES!

Google search found H.Lehmann in Stoke on Trent. I emailed the problem, they replied with a quote. I sent the body off by post office next day special. Four days later I got an email to say it was done; payed by plastic over the phone and camera arrived at home before noon the next day. Excellent service. Locals can drop in and pickup at the door.
247 – 249 London Road
Stoke on Trent


12 May, 2011
littlewren said:

sounds an invaluable link John.....especially for those of us of more advanced years with arthritic problems......hahaha.

12 May, 2011
aster said:

Thank you John it certainly pays to get more than one quote.

12 May, 2011

Used them over the years John, excellent, I only live a couple of miles away from them now

12 May, 2011
david said:

Kind of you to pass on this info, John. I should take as much care of my varifocals as I do with my camera. I have been cleaning mine recently with windscreen de-icer picked out of the cupboard by mistake (well, that's what I get for removing the specs before using it, lol!). Glad that your repair was done, reasonably, and, at least, yours was an accident - mine was just "blind" stupidity!

13 May, 2011
mike said:

They are excellent - about 5 miles from me. A full sensor clean whilst I shop at the local Sainsbury's was £36.
A also recently gave a pal a Nikon zoom lens as it had stopped zooming and there was oil inside it. He took it to Lehmans who quoted £80.
When he went to pick it up the bill was £220. He said no I just cannot afford it and showed the manager the original written quote.
Apologies said the manager - take your lens - no charge.
Alan - that was Tony Salt

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