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Just too nice a day to stay in so went down the road to take a few " different" shots. This place is part of the “Trentham Gardens” estate in Stoke on Trent. Well worth a visit and the “residents” roam freely so you cannot help but get close.


4 May, 2011

Nice set, I thought the second one down was a self portrait <LOL>

4 May, 2011
robashfield said:

Family photos Mike,you all look the same!! lol.Great place,went there last year,loved it.......planning to go again this year.Brill pics Mike......

4 May, 2011
muddywalters said:

Great shots Mike, but looks worryingly like what I see in the mirror after a rough night!

5 May, 2011
deida said:

Great pics Mike..agree it is a super place ot visit..got a few shots myself..if I can find them..lol

6 May, 2011
mactumpshie said:

Im going to take an educated guess your the hairdresser .

6 May, 2011
mike said:

Glad you all liked these - thanks

7 May, 2011
david said:

Thought that I was looking at "candid camera" pics of us getting ready on a school morning, haha!! Gr8 pics! :-))

8 May, 2011

'I really enjoyed your selection of Monkey pics mike....Good thing
you decided to go out, instead of staying in otherwise, we would not have seen these fun loving characters.... Great blog Mike..

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