Thankyou !

I would just like to say a huge thankyou for all the lovely comments about my paintings, I have a great appreciation and love for the beautiful wild landscape and wildlife in and around my home, in the heart of Northumberland, and this feeds my passion for the love of painting. I am self taught artist. Only in the last 10 years have I actually been able to work at my love of art, I do sell my work, which is scanned professionally, then printed onto greetings cards or sold as prints, then sold up and down the north Tyne valley. ( or from my home ) Painting birds is just a part of my work, but what ever I choose to paint, it fills me with pride of this little peace of heaven as to where I live !
Also thankyou for the help in adding my work to your blogs section (great idea ) ! I am not a great photographer, you all have such lovely photo’s of birds on Ispy, it would be a great privilege maybe at some point to paint some. Of course I would always ask !
Again Thankyou for all your help as I am just finding my way round Ispy !
here are a few more paintings !


25 Apr, 2011
robashfield said:

Your paintings are very good Worelass.Wish I could paint,never had the patience,even though I love drawing.Keep sending them in they are a great addition to isab...

25 Apr, 2011
jane said:

You are very welcome Worelass...and I agree with Rob..Keep them coming.Love this owl and prey painting in particular.
Lucky you...Northumberland is a wonderful part of the country.

25 Apr, 2011
littlewren said:

I agree too Worelass they are brilliant.......I have tried watercolours but as Rob said...patience is needed and I was never that or satisfied and that is when I took up the least they may not be perfect but you can see what they are...
I live just outside the east border of northumberland and as Jane said....a stunning county.....

25 Apr, 2011
david said:

Many Thanks for posting more of your wonderful paintings. I am in awe of the woodpeckers! A great fan of Northumberland, too!

26 Apr, 2011
donna said:

They are very good

26 Apr, 2011
worelass said:

I have a few more Paintings of birds ! I also have lots of other wildlife, dont know if it would be appropriated to put other then "birds " on i spy a bird, let me know what you think ?
I paint in acrylics mostly Littlewren, I just find they are so versatile, you can use them as watercolours or as an oil, or even add those mediums to the acrylics ! Acrylics dry very fast, so painting with a stay wet palette really helps !

16 Jan, 2012
saucy said:

Lovely paintings - especially the robin. I`ll keep my eye out for more of them.

15 Mar, 2013
worelass said:

Sorry :-( I may have added a repeat of some of my work ! Seems a camara isn't the only piece of technology I have difficulty with :-) ! Thankyou for all your lovely comments !

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