advice again.. please

Thought I would put a couple of photos on that as you will see have problems especially with the yellowhammer in full sun… should I alter the exposure on the camera before taking it or…should I use the lens cover thingy that came with the camera….?


25 Apr, 2011
robashfield said:

Hi LW.The lens cap would help,but try taking a few test shots with differing setting on your camera before taking the actual photo.Always difficult into the sun,but you can set your ISO to say 400,and shutter speed to 1/250 or higher,this should reduce the amount of light coming in.I have,in the past shot with an ISO of 600,but you will get a grainier picture,so it is a little bit of trial and error.
Hope this helps.

25 Apr, 2011
mike said:

I would keep the "lens cap off" lol
IMHO ----- The lens hood "may help" but if you have exposure compensation on your camera try setting at minus 0.7 for a starter and then a little more minus if necessary
make sure that your camera is also set on centre spot" metering and if you have a "back light" adjustment (I know Nikon does) put that on too. Rob's pointy about "try it" then adjust then try again is very sound.

25 Apr, 2011
littlewren said:

Thanks lads....all advice and help gratefully received as usual....Will practise more....

26 Apr, 2011
donna said:

Not sure Littlewren I am only a beginner myself Lovely photos

2 May, 2011
phili said:

These shots are a little overexposed,I would say you need no more than 200 iso in full sunlight,with a shutter speed around 1/400th of a second.This will kill off noise in the shot,and get your exposure down a bit.

2 May, 2011
littlewren said:

thanks Phili.....all the lovely people on here have given me so much help and advice....I am very slow to learn but bit by bit I am picking up hints and day....I may fully understand....but at least I know how to change my settings now and don't use the IA very often now...only if I see something rare and don't want to fluff it.....

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