It is unusual for robins to feed on birdfeeders but the two I’ve got in my garden do. I have a insect suet block and they come and act strangly; like a hummingbird they flutter their wings rapidly and point their bills at it to get a big chunk. The first few times they fell, but now they use the bird bath as a perch between chunks.

It is also unusual to have two Robins together as they fight but I suspect one is male & one is female. I can tell them apart; one has a breast with some white patches and that one is slightly smaller. The other is plumper and has no white at all on the breast. Mabye I should think of naming them.


23 Apr, 2011
bonkersbon said:

Not so unusual now Katrina as approach the breeding season and yes they can be aggressive earlier in the year when fighting to establish territories.They do need to get together at some stage to raise young though.

Interestingly the harsh winters have seen robins group together as fighting is so demanding on them when food is so short .. this has been seen so regularly that recently BTO asked for suggestions for a name for a group of Robins .The winner was a Round of Robins.

Personally I rather liked the suggestion an ASBO of Robins : )

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