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I feel so at home on ISPY now that I am going to share with my friends.
As many of you know most of my photos are through my window and how I have longed for clearer,better photos….Well for a long time now I have wanted my own bird hide….Donna created herself one and that just made me even more determined…However hubby always poo-pooh’s my ideas and usually he is proved right….Like when I ordered a pop up type of bird hide…and opened the carrying case and it nearly took his head of as it shot across the room….it was huge and it took two days for us to work out how to fold it back up for return…..So I forgot about it for a few months again….then ….last week my daughter was putting load of camping gear on e-bay for a friend and there it was …..a privacy tent just the job I thought…..Think hubby finally conceded defeat and let my buy it….We worked for two days and although not in the best places I have made a feeding station/got some willow trellis and climbers to make it more secluded(this will take a while) and cut holes for a window …bobs your uncle….my own little hide…away..What do you think???
First the site before

And my first image.


21 Apr, 2011
mike said:

That is a great idea and what a super spot. Now you need to litter with feeders around it.

21 Apr, 2011
johnponting said:

I am so envious. First you have a lovely garden. Second you have a hide. Third you have just captured a wondeful image. Fourth it is a bird I've only seen once very briefly.

Inspired decison by your husband ensures he will get dinner for a few more weeks.

Can't wait to hear neighbours comments when she spots MOL sitting in an outside privee listening to the water feature.

21 Apr, 2011
littlewren said:

Thanks Mike...have put two up for now...trouble is I have feeders all over so its just a little at a time....have moved one feeder and the tresparrows are looking for it ...dunnocks found it so hopefully others will follow...
Thanks John ...I am lucky to have a large garden....sadly as you get older it gets too much....We have huge plot to the side that was all veg,plum trees, empty apart from weeds....I think thats why we get the garden birds we do...fields to the back....side....and our wildnerness too...
Hubby usually comes around in time...what he doesn't know yet is the tent will be replaced by a small wooden hut type hide by winter.hehehe
luckily just the one neighbour can see it....said he thought the Taliban had moved in...

21 Apr, 2011
muddywalters said:

Lol Sheila, the 'pop up' shooting across the room made me laugh - would love to have been there!!!
This was a great idea and your 'Privy' hide looks to be working a treat.
I've been toying with the idea of hanging some camouflage netting, like curtains, behind my open patio doors, but this is a much better idea 'cos you can move it around the garden to where you need it.
I would recommend a silent flush though!

21 Apr, 2011
aster said:

Just great Lw,your OH can't fail to be impressed by your spectacular first image !
Neighbours eh ? Just ignore em :))

21 Apr, 2011
robashfield said:

LW you make me laugh! loved to have witnessed that scene when it opened.Great idea,and a brill pictures of a bird!! keep 'em coming!

21 Apr, 2011
littlewren said:

I am pleased you had a chuckle at my antics.....we still have a laugh about it on earth something so large (and it covered the living room floor and we both could get inside standing up) folded up into a rucksack,we still fail to understand....
thanks Aster....he agrees the idea has worked and photos improved..though I think he just says anything to shut me up...
Thanks Rob....

22 Apr, 2011
jane said:

How did I miss this yesterday !! Well...had me rolling about laughing at the pop up scene !! What lengths we will go to in order to try for a better pic ! Having said that..your Yellowhammer is a stunner.Go girl...go !

23 Apr, 2011
bonkersbon said:

OMG LW .. this is truly bonkers so you can imagine how much I loved reading this ! Its the kind of thing I would do but with much less success .. a pop up inflatable bird hide fantastic the image of you and hubby opening it in your living room will stay with me a good while.

Dont think its something I could get away with though if told Jane I d ordered something inflatable through the post !

Be careful inside it on these sunny days wont you .. brilliant blog .

Did you ever catch Johnny Kingdoms wildlife series on TV? he constructed a hide on a rowing boat with a hole in the bottom so he could wade across and photo a bittern .. hysterical but he too did end up with some great shots so theres definitely method in the madness ..

23 Apr, 2011
littlewren said:

thanks Jane pleased you had a laugh....if I get an idea in my head I am a right b***er.......
Thanks will stay with us forever I think...I am sure Jane would
I didn't see that series sadly but can just imagine the boat with him paddling along underneath...bit like Fred Flintsone and his Jane said...the lengths we will go to.....

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