MACRO - This ain't easy


I went for a stroll at Dunham Massey today – wife was shopping somewhere – and decided to try a few Macro shots of whatever came to hand. Not really in to this yet but I had recently bought a SIGMA 105 Macro so what better time than on such a sunny day. Here are a few attempts. No birds I am afraid. I also hand held for all shots and I know that is a real NO- NO but it was a trial.
You have a fly – the bee flew away, a rhododendrum flower a ladybird and the centre of a magnolia.
Any suggestions would be most welcome – this is alian to me as yet.


20 Apr, 2011
muddywalters said:

Wow Mike, these are great shots. If you plan to put more on here as blogs, I for one will certainly look forward to viewing them.

20 Apr, 2011
johnponting said:

Some nice shots there mike.

I don't have a macro lens for my Nikons yet (had bellows for my OM-1 many years ago) but, as you say, it's not an easy area to work in. Focus becomes paramount.

I enjoyed taking a few flower shots recently and, along with your examples, have reawakened my interest. As I bought a new MG last weekend I guess another lens may have to wait for management approval.

Purely for interest I have uploaded a shot of a tulip taken handheld with my 'spare' d3000 with AF-S 55-200mm lens togther with a crop to .

20 Apr, 2011
littlewren said:

beautiful photos....I am no good at this but love to admire and marvel at these close up....where even a fly is so interesting

20 Apr, 2011
eje said:

Beautiful group of photo's Mike,last year we had many different Hover flies about and trying out my new 500mm lens I snapped one on one of my wifes Tiger lilies and was amazed at the result.This led me to take many others but with my 18-55mm lens which turned out superb. Keep them coming.

20 Apr, 2011
aster said:

I'm with you Lw,it's good for those of us without the gizmos to follow your progress Mike. These are far closer than I'll ever get :)

20 Apr, 2011
mike said:

Thank you all - I will try to please but never feel that you should not criticise or advise. It is all helpful. I know nothing - I really am "Manuel" in this.

20 Apr, 2011
robashfield said:

Hi Mike,never thought of putting macro shots on here.I have many.
Best advise.Tripod!! I have hand held shots,they are ok,but tripod with remote come out very sharp.As with all photography it is practice.By the way these are brill for hand held shots....keep 'em coming.

25 Apr, 2011
donna said:

Lovely shots I enjoy Macro as well mine are a bit hit and miss at the moment

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