Robbi our robin has been coming in our garden for 2 yrs he feeds of my hand and at the moment he,s feeding young chicks sometimes he sits on the back door step waiting for me to feed him I give his first feed of my hand then put it on the table for him to help his self he come several times a day and if I dont see him while Im in the garden he,ll make a funny chirppy sound as though hes annoyed so I,ll see him I say to him robbi do you want some dinner and hell fly up the garden and wait for me to go inside and get his food , about 7 weeks ago my neighbour called me as a black bird chick fell out of the nest ,she couldnt touch it so I went and put it back in there was three others tightly packed in, well a hour or so later she said its on the floor again when I got there it wasnt moving and was very cold so I took it home and held it for about a hour till I felt it warm up and opened her mouth to feed her and she just went from strength to strength we keep her in a flower pt on the kitchen table with straw in it and feed her every 20 mins from morn till dusk she only had a few pin feathers on her wings so I covered her with cotton wool to keep her warm , when she started flapping her wings my son bought in a cage that he,d got for a parrot ,the day after i bought her home a cat had the rest of her brothers and sisters , we put her in the conservatory and let her fly round and called her charlie girl [because I thought she was a boy when i first got her ]we let her fly in the garden when she was 5 weeks old and i used to gather her up every night and bring her in she done this for 5 days and then I never saw her again i just hope she made it and that no cat got her I missed her so much


7 Jun, 2010
jane said:

Hi Marco....that is a heartwarming story...wonderful when birds trust us enough to eat from our hands. Hope your blackbird chick made least you gave it a sporting chance.....

7 Jun, 2010
elless said:

Aaw! How lovely. I hope Charlie girl survives.
I would love it if I could get our resident robin to feed from my hand. He will come within a couple of feet of me when I'm gardening or he'll bathe in our waterfall whilst I watch from a bench close by. He doesn't mind me talking to him but if I move he flys away.

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