Time for a bath.

Hi all, Last week it was so beautiful that we did a couple of days out on Exmoor. We stopped for a Sandwhich and cuppa at Landacre bridge on one of the days, while eating etc a Crow came down about 25 or 30 yards away and began to bathe, he so enjoyed it that he sat for a minute on a rock then went back in again.We captured these images of him/her.

This is Landacre bridge on the River Barle.


30 Mar, 2011
muddywalters said:

Nice series of shots Bikerbob and the last shot of the bridge could be July! (I spent the last week with my daughter in Alder Hey and we both would rather have been where you were!).
Where will you take us next?

30 Mar, 2011
johnponting said:

That is a really fine series if images bob & sue, thanks for posting. The last shot really makes it look an inviting spot.

30 Mar, 2011
bikerbob said:

Hi, Thanks for the comments, Muddy we go to so many different and beautiful places these days (one good thing about retirement) but don't post them here as its a bird site, should you or anyone else care to check out any of these please check out my blog on
bigbikerbob.blogspot.com (300+ posts), please though be aware most have a joke of the day attached which can be a bit "iffy".

30 Mar, 2011
littlewren said:

lovely blog...and as everyone else commented looks a beautiful spot

1 Apr, 2011
donna said:

Bikerbob I love these photos Lovely Blog

2 Apr, 2011
jane said:

What a beautiful spot for a sandwich stop ! Love the crow photos...such clever and entertaining birds....

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