A study of a starling

I have been privileged to be able to study two starlings that come regularly to feed in the back garden, I think their is a nest under the eaves.I love these birds, they are very beautiful and full of life. I did not realise how long their beaks are or that they seem to change colour from black to yellow or is that just my poor eyesight?

They give me loads of enjoyment when doing the washing up. I love all the colours and they sure are clever.


29 Mar, 2011
blue bird said:

starlings aren't my favourite bird,but i must admit they are clever.we get hundreds in our garden, they are greedy little devils.

29 Mar, 2011
aster said:

No, it isn't your eyes Lemondog they are coming into their breeding colours now :)
I like them too,you certainly know when they are around lol !

29 Mar, 2011
littlewren said:

they are real characters....I don't get too many and they don't stay long ....I love it when the babies arrive....

30 Mar, 2011
jane said:

Quite a dramatic change from dark beaks to yellow isnt it. I love starlings and it is so funny to watch the youngsters chase their parents for food !

31 Mar, 2011
lincslass said:

We have lots of them here and they always act as if they are starving, its difficult to keep up with them,its very noisy when the babes are chasing after the parents but also comical to watch.
Not really a favourite of mine but they do in fact have lovely colours if one bothers to actually take notice....

1 Apr, 2011
lemondog said:

Thnka folks for your comments, much appreciated !

1 Apr, 2011
donna said:

I only get a few in my garden I do like them

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