Digital Negative & Slide Scanner at Aldi Sunday 27th March


Hi folks,

Aldi have another great offer for all of you who (like me) have countless negatives and slides what you’d like to ‘digitise’.
It costs under £30 and has a 3 year guarantee.

I bought the exact same model from Lidl last year and i can highly recommend it. Comparable equipment would cost double this price.

Also the following Thursday (31st), a 5 MP (HD) Camcorder for under £55 (3 year guarantee) with a good range of accessories.
Can be used for videos or stills.

hope you find this useful.



25 Mar, 2011
johnponting said:

Thanks for the Heads Up. Mrs P and I were discussing our boxes of slides only a few days ago. I shall be at ALDI on Sunday as early as reasonable.

28 Mar, 2011
johnponting said:

Well, we bought one on Sunday morning but the sun came out so the scanner is still in it's packaging.

29 Mar, 2011
bonkersbon said:

Thank you Ken - yes many packs of old negs that something like this would truly simplify and help me find what it was I took all those years ago .Seems a great price and could be just the incentive I need .

29 Mar, 2011
kenrick said:

Have to be quick Ray, those offers are in and out faster than Speedy Gonzalez!
If you do miss out, it could be on at Lidl later in the year.

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