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although all the colours are wrong re. cloning… this the way the photo should be? appreciate comments


24 Mar, 2011
johnponting said:

LW I think it looks a tad better as the bird is looking in to the picture. OK not a lot to see over on the left but my eye isn't immeadiately directed off to the left and out of the frame. Sounded pretentious the first time I heard it at judging time in a photo competition but it seems to work. Be interesting to hear what Mike/Alan might have to say as they are both still regular camera club members.

24 Mar, 2011

Hi, I am still asked to judge competitions at a local camera club, and whilst what you point out about looking out of the picture is indeed a true statement, In my opinion, rules are there to be broken, I think this has gone too far the other way and the large space to the left is now a distraction. My opinion again, and purely my own preference would be the first photo Shiela put up but a tad more to the right. I believe then, it would be sufficiently far enough away from the edge not to be such a distraction. My only other cristism would be the small shoot on the right, I find this more distracting and would have cloned it out and perhaps a small catchlight in the eye which is lost in the colouring..... One thing to remember is that nobody is right or wrong, it's all down to your own preference in the end. I will try and crop it to how I would prefer it as an idea

24 Mar, 2011
littlewren said:


26 Mar, 2011
bonkersbon said:

I rotated the image 90deg. so the bird was looking up quite effective but there must be an easier way than turning the screen on their its side ...

30 Mar, 2011
littlewren said:

haha BB...don't know why comments on some of my photos arent' showing up ....missed this and a few others too....

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