Birds in the garden


We have lots of birds in the garden at last thank goodness. Lots of bluetits, blackbirds, fat pigeons, crows and magpies plus the couple of birds I have been unable to identify yet. Must keep the camera handy infuture.


16 Mar, 2011
aster said:

That's how we all started Casso :) So frustrating though,the times I've had my hands in the sink when I wish I'd had my camera in them !! Only yesterday the sparrow hawk flew past the window heading for a couple of unsuspecting pigeons. Missed fortunately for them but to see it's wings and tail spread out was amazing.
Who am I kidding ? It would have just been a blur anyway lol :))
You do find yourself peeking outside a lot,very addictive but not twitching.....yet :)

17 Mar, 2011
casso said:

We have very large patio doors aster, and the new feeding station is not too far into the garden so we can sit in our armchairs and watch all the activity. It's facinating.

18 Mar, 2011
jane said:

Wonderful to see so much going on right now. All the activity...preparing the nests..pairing up....can almost feel that spring is really here at last !!

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