Hi everyone, I have been a little quiet on here lately, I have not really been out much with my camera at all due to other commitments (like work) I am back on part time now so will get out more and refresh my photo library. I am off next week, (big birthday week!) and am going to Wales on the 18th until 19th. Landscapes around Snowdon and nature reserves on Anglesey (I am hunting my Kingfisher!) I have just bought myself a nice 100mm Macro lens, so I am going to try some close ups. I am also lookig at going to Martin Mere one day, so if anyone is about and wants to meet up for a coffee, let me know and I’ll tell you when I am going (not worked it out yet) I have also re-written my web page. Check it out http://www.alanonline.info – if you see any of my birdie photos that I have not got the correct names by, please let me know.
alan (the colonel!)


11 Mar, 2011
johnponting said:

Noticeable by your absence Alan and always welcome on here. I used to get distracted by work but manage to avoid it these days. I do look at your flickr albums and look forward to more landscapes.

If you need tonsorial attention let me know - my son in (common) law is a hairdresser.

11 Mar, 2011
muddywalters said:

Coffee (or 'to die for' soup!) at Martin Mere sounds like a good idea Alan - I'll PM you. Look forward to your Snowdon/Anglesey results and if you don't find Kingfisher, they do occur at MM (though NOT for me!).

11 Mar, 2011
peterc said:

Missed your contributions very much colonel; assumed you had more pressing business in Tripoli. Have a great time in Snowdonia and good luck with the Kingfishers. I look forward to your next set of pics and will also check out your web site.

11 Mar, 2011
bonkersbon said:

Good luck with the travels , the birthday and the elusive kingfisher AT .. would be a great present to catch one .

Work interrupts so many things would rather be doing so hope your break feels long and restful.

11 Mar, 2011
robashfield said:

Thought you had hibernated like many an animal!! lol I even thought I might have to come lookin' for you,trying to walk on water at the memorial! lol Happy birthday for whenever it is,and I'll be trying to get a BETTER picture of the kingfisher I got earlier in the year....happy bird snapping!

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