To store or not to store, that is the question.

Not only bird photos but I am sure sure like many of you, I have hundreds of photos with the number steadily growing week by week. I weed out and delete the bad ones but what to do with the not so bad, pretty good and good ones ? Store them for all time or be ruthless and eventually delete them. What to do ?


10 Mar, 2011
lincslass said:

I suppose in the end someone will be ruthless with ours, we have albums and boxes of actual photo`s, files and boxes of negatives all from predigital camera days, now its over to discs, memory sticks and backup storage as well as what is still on the computors, no matter how many times we decide to have a clearout, we never seem to get rid unless its really rubbish..
One persons treasure is probably somebody else`s rubbish in the future, one day I suppose mine will go, just not cleared out by me,lol......

10 Mar, 2011
bonkersbon said:

Agree Lincslass surely got to be easier than old boxes of negatives and photos never labelled and constantly searched through .

If only we came with a usb that we could put memory sticks in !

Personally I delete those not happy with before downloading then export those for submission to a seperate file leaving others on the computer.To free space a memory stick would seem more convenient than discs nowadays.

11 Mar, 2011
johnponting said:

Storage is so cheap these days that it is seldom a problem. I download from camera to laptop after each session. I then quick browse and delete the embarassingly bad ones. I copy the remaining possibles to an external hard disk.

I then spend time going through what I've kept and prepare 'best' versions for my album and lower res copies for ispyabird and flickr.

Just checked and my store has 7400 (34 Gb) of football images, 3000 (18 Gb) of wildlife images and 9000 (13 Gb) of general family/friends etc.

If needed I could lose all wildlife other than the Album sets.

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